Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Tesla Model X 

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Our very first all electric build!!! A 2020 Tesla Model X, this is going to be one of our crazier builds because of all the new technology this thing has. We are super excited to dive into this project and learn along with you guys. We cant wait to get it back to its original spec!!! This is going to be epic! Thanks For Watching!!!

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18 maj 2021



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Sunthiran Moodley
Do a Mercedes Benz build
JR Auto
JR Auto 3 dagar sedan
Can’t wait for this build to start. 😁😎👍
Hemank Saraogi
Hemank Saraogi 3 dagar sedan
I stopped watching goonz because of no car content. Now i am back... love you goonz
Peter Labiak
Peter Labiak 4 dagar sedan
just put a good old V8 in it and be done with this electrical mumble-jumble lol
Jordani Galvez
Jordani Galvez 5 dagar sedan
Guys should do a Honda type r
Eva Helen Sæternes
Eva Helen Sæternes 6 dagar sedan
I have watched everything you guys have done but i have never seen you this hyped for any other car
Jeremiah Brumby
Jeremiah Brumby 6 dagar sedan
The only SElosk channel where you hear “dude” in every sentence 😂 love the videos!
Alberto Montano
Alberto Montano 7 dagar sedan
Does anyone else want them to build a good old school 50s, 60s or 70s American muscle car?
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen 9 dagar sedan
hi goonzquad can you make a video From BMW i8
theglowbear 9 dagar sedan
Bobby looks and acts stoned in the last couple of videos. Many post that they are starting to disrespect their money and getting cocky. This could hurt their channel and income...time to go back to humble begging boys or your career will come to a slow hault!
XXXT 9 dagar sedan
You should get the Tesla app there's summon
XXXT 9 dagar sedan
Any test I don't have no results because I have a Tesla model x it doesn't have the exhaust heater
GM 9 dagar sedan
I hope it won't explode
Shamit M
Shamit M 11 dagar sedan
Imagine getting a check engine light on a Tesla 😂
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 11 dagar sedan
Hell yeah this is dope loving this project
dave mcmanus
dave mcmanus 11 dagar sedan
"how do you mod this thing"... as far as I know, you don't. Tesla is the automotive analog for apple products. 100% proprietary, and like Apple, even after you buy it, it's not really yours because you're under an EULA that allows the actual owner of the software that runs it to withdraw use for a variety of reasons. Usually this includes trying to modify the software in any way. I could be wrong and I'm certainly not an authority on the subject, but that's my impression.
dave mcmanus
dave mcmanus 11 dagar sedan
"I've got a bad feeling about this" - Han Solo
dave mcmanus
dave mcmanus 11 dagar sedan
Not at all thrilled with watching a Tesla. I know a lot of people are thrilled, but I am NOT one of them, However, you boys always put out good content so I'll stick with you. I'm looking forward to the Camaro much more than this tech nightmare garbage.
Axel Nord
Axel Nord 12 dagar sedan
NotVeryImprezive 12 dagar sedan
Tube chassis front end?
kefi3 12 dagar sedan
I wish goonzquad was my brothers ,I will have been the happiest person in the world, good luck with that tesla y'all we need prays after
PandaPlayz roblox
PandaPlayz roblox 13 dagar sedan
When it started leaking i think it was water damege 😳
David Kelm
David Kelm 15 dagar sedan
That's uh hella learnin curve
Waxyraindrop446 15 dagar sedan
you needs to take @keneishner seriously it will happen
kapil munda
kapil munda 15 dagar sedan
You two guys are look like who have amazing future big robo and look for how its working.... 👍
Levi May
Levi May 15 dagar sedan
60 dudes by 7:20 🤣
Gerard Aprilino
Gerard Aprilino 16 dagar sedan
Finaly ev !!
BluesriderDF 16 dagar sedan
"Does it have a transmission?" "Do they have radiators?" Omg...
Issam ABC
Issam ABC 16 dagar sedan
As always guys love to see you bro's work together. Always positive ;o) keep up the great job guys (Big Fan here)
Fosia Yusuf
Fosia Yusuf 17 dagar sedan
Callie Kesterson
Callie Kesterson 17 dagar sedan
If it doesn't already have it you need Ludacris mode. No not the rapper. Lol it gives you more power but it does suck the battery charge down. We test drove one a few years back (my daughter worked for Tesla) and it will take off like a rocket. :)
Paul. 17 dagar sedan
Dude man dude oh dude man duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude 😂
Jason O'Toole
Jason O'Toole 17 dagar sedan
It must have just gotten its self driving license.
Ronin 17 dagar sedan
I took vodka shot every time they said "dude", i passed out in 5 minutes ;)
Millstone Colognes
Millstone Colognes 17 dagar sedan
14:56 got me laughing so hard
Millstone Colognes
Millstone Colognes 17 dagar sedan
Yo call up the dude who helped yall with the Audi
Ghostly Hax
Ghostly Hax 18 dagar sedan
If y’all like the self driving then you should check out the comma two. It’s a kit you can install in a ton of modern cars. It’s on par with Tesla’s autopilot.
Sun Studio
Sun Studio 18 dagar sedan
And the twins foolishness continues....😡 same sh1t repeated over and over just to increase the video time😡 just pretending to be extremely dumb to not know anything about any car.😡 OMG life is so unfair😡
Adrian Rangu
Adrian Rangu 18 dagar sedan
That's going to be epic
Royal_Gaming 18 dagar sedan
rebuild a wrecked c8 corvette!
Royal_Gaming 18 dagar sedan
please rebuild a urus, it will look insane!
KASE BUNDRICK 18 dagar sedan
I just realized that you guys never did a price reveal on the new goonsquad headquarters and I think you should have.
KASE BUNDRICK 18 dagar sedan
You guys should rebuild a old muscle car
Joshua Wright
Joshua Wright 18 dagar sedan
Sponsored by vossen aren’t you
Peyton Elder
Peyton Elder 18 dagar sedan
It is electric ⚡️ it is not gasoline that’s why there no tell pipe
jake Jogret
jake Jogret 18 dagar sedan
When are you continueing the boat build
Marco Scomazzon
Marco Scomazzon 18 dagar sedan
Billy’s face at 25:52 it’s priceless😂
Cowboykilla831 18 dagar sedan
ubalze 18 dagar sedan
This thing is not a step....this is a leap for you! You need a lot of research, Tesla is not a car...it is a computer on weels ! good luck ! i'm so exited!
7AK0B! 18 dagar sedan
Color charge the tesla ......something unique, since it is the first electric car on the channel.
Dylan Jennings
Dylan Jennings 18 dagar sedan
Man. Really hard to watch this video. You guys are just rambling nonsense now. Makes it hard to watch listening to you guys. Had to change the video after 3 minutes
ferv 18 dagar sedan
Cmon guys, just buy an official charger from tesla
ferv 18 dagar sedan
There is a back to the future Easter egg in this car, u can find it on SElosk, give it a try
Wian Erasmus
Wian Erasmus 18 dagar sedan
it would be cool to build a 4x4 tesla
Indy76er 19 dagar sedan
Y’all rebuild all these vehicles but can’t replace the side window in yer truck?
Indy76er 19 dagar sedan
Good luck getting parts
Michael Maniacup
Michael Maniacup 19 dagar sedan
"Daaaaang we got the whole car on right now dude, I don't even know how" CRAAAAACKS ME UP HAHAHAHA tesla shit bro
Nicklas Lindqvist
Nicklas Lindqvist 19 dagar sedan
Wait a sec…a wrecked P100D is expensive over there and a….Lambourghini is NOT?!?(or any of your other builds). I havent looked it up but have to belive you guys then. For example here, a crashed viper or GT500 is probably around 100k here in Norway, a used, but still spanking new P100D is almost the same or cheaper….This is in Norway. Yes we have govermental fundings on our electric cars from new, but still!!? I am a little dissappointed that you didn’t go for a performanceversion-tesla. Had 3 of them myself, first one TMS P85D. Daily driver now is a longrange model 3, and this a slooooow one in comparison to the P85 :( You guys are speedfreaks and should have gone for an performance! Still…gonna watch the rebuil. You will only loose supercharging, dont worry about what anybody else is saying, still a fully usable car. In 6 years with tesla, I might have supercharged 10-15 times. All other is charging at home and savings are MASSIVE! No lockout on the pc in car or any other bull! It is still, just a car! Even in Norway there is SO MANY used parts to get from the salvageyards. These will be a normal and smooth build :)
Marlon Green
Marlon Green 19 dagar sedan
Mad Safwan
Mad Safwan 19 dagar sedan
silverstake88 19 dagar sedan
When the car is charging - a pump moves coolant around the battery cells. Tremendous heat is generated when charging and discharging batteries. Thus you have likely a broken pipe or torn hose connection.
OneJoebear123 19 dagar sedan
Mitchell Alderton
Mitchell Alderton 19 dagar sedan
You guys definitely need to do a full exhaust and cold air intake! DAAAAANG SON!!
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 19 dagar sedan
not pretty dang cool car ,show poor men little prius or similar big shit not have beauty car. basic poor men car this show only.
TwinsGate 19 dagar sedan
youz guys say 220volts are soo muchh in germany its a normal plug xxD
The vigilante
The vigilante 19 dagar sedan
I have learned a lot from this guys I feel like I can dismember a 🛩 jetty and tune it to supertrain 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪✈️✈️🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🛩🛩🇶🇦🇶🇦✋✋🔥
Chris Minter
Chris Minter 19 dagar sedan
That one has the exhaust delete option. +3 mpg You guys need to add a big turbo as well!!
Constantinos Christopher Salpadimos
I hope Tesla doesn't revoke your supercharging access and/or remove any features from the vehicle. Also hope they sell you parts. Otherwise, looking forward to the build!
alfred olthof
alfred olthof 20 dagar sedan
WOW, made in AMERICA.
Shahzad R
Shahzad R 20 dagar sedan
The error codes are a pain in the ass to clear on teslas. Good luck on this build.
M F 20 dagar sedan
The gass issues are because of not my president Joe Biden
Daniel Milani
Daniel Milani 20 dagar sedan
What happened to "Pops'" right hand rear window?
Charles Mccullough
Charles Mccullough 20 dagar sedan
This may sound stupid but do you guys check the glove box for maybe an owners manual?? LOL
Dillon Wells
Dillon Wells 20 dagar sedan
Anyone else wonder why they don’t have license plates on most of their cars?
George Cowan
George Cowan 20 dagar sedan
I was driving one of these at work the other day and you can get it to make fart noises. FYI LOL
qaannat 20 dagar sedan
So, erm, with a hundred cameras, how did the Tesla get so wrecked? Computer went to sleep?
Seth Gordon
Seth Gordon 20 dagar sedan
There’s a new electric wrangler
Kg Draco
Kg Draco 20 dagar sedan
I can confirm, that there is 113 “dude” in this video 😂
Gabriel Meiser
Gabriel Meiser 20 dagar sedan
i love when the video ends, ..."peace"....and BANG....punch the cam! LoL
rgbigdog 20 dagar sedan
Looking at all that damage I'm thinking this will be your biggest challenge ever.
rgbigdog 20 dagar sedan
Those wheels look like turbine blades.
DemoScottGaming Lounge
DemoScottGaming Lounge 20 dagar sedan
Goon squad: what if exhaust companies in the future start Adding speakers for their exhausts instead Me: don’t give them ideas! Exhaust companies: Write that down! Write that down!
Isidro Sevier
Isidro Sevier 19 dagar sedan
There's actually an episode of All girls garage where they put a speaker system on a Tesla for exhaust sounds.
Spencer Nitsos
Spencer Nitsos 20 dagar sedan
I wouldn’t go with an off market charger for the tesla. You can get Tesla chargers from the Tesla site or used ones from online like Craigslist. Cost around $200-$300. This while allow you to open the charging latch from the charger itself and unlock it as well without having it get stuck like the adapter you got was stuck. This build will be sickkkk
Lokey Playz
Lokey Playz 20 dagar sedan
I’ll be on this one they seem so clueless and honestly it’s funny and adorable at the same time lol how humble they are is amazing
Krazy tim
Krazy tim 20 dagar sedan
Get them car doors to dance
MAXCRON GAMING 20 dagar sedan
I was just searching you guys then goonzqad tesla poped up and i was like😓😓😱😱😱😱🤯🤯😵😵
MrMeldarionx 21 dag sedan
Dude! overload.
Aaron Ferguson
Aaron Ferguson 21 dag sedan
Was gonna say Rich Rebuilds and Electrified Garage... But I see he has found you.
Jae 21 dag sedan
i thought the audi was bad... this is worst.......
Pantelis Christidis
Pantelis Christidis 21 dag sedan
salvage teslas are for parts only due to fast charging restrictions
MrGold 21 dag sedan
Dud. To get the switch open for the port to plug in check in the trunk bruh there is a switch i dont own tesla but i know bruh
Alex Peters
Alex Peters 21 dag sedan
Unfortunately, a repaired Tesla will never be able to supercharge again. So, not really worth repairing in my opinion
Aaron F
Aaron F 19 dagar sedan
Unless you make it’s value in video revenue. For your average guy I would definitely agree.
James Schug
James Schug 21 dag sedan
Broke & Busted Repairs
Dude, those are called Gull Wing Doors Dude, lame dude dude!
NONEXISTZaKo 21 dag sedan
Stolen exhaust? Hahaha!!!! It’s electric car, it won’t make any noise!
TubeDeviant 21 dag sedan
Tesla Model X: "Nooooo..! What are you guys doing to meeeee...!?!?! System malfunction..!! I'm bleeeeeeding..!!" =)
Fuorman 21 dag sedan
dude where's my car ?
YungAngel2001 21 dag sedan
Rich rebuilds has enter the chat
christopher rubesh
christopher rubesh 21 dag sedan
I am Chris and I like your videos you put out, please give me a shout out because I am your biggest fan from Cloquet, MN.
kinster02 21 dag sedan
It's obvious these guys never have seen any videos on Tesla vehicle's? They need to get with Rich builds.
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