Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Tesla Model X Part 2 

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This sucker drives!!! We finally got the 2020 Tesla Model X off of the trailer and parked in a spot ready to be worked on! As usual we like to start with a complete clean from the interior to the exterior to see what were working with. This car is so full of surprises, we couldn't help but push all the buttons. Also the outside turned out to be pretty flawless after it very first wash! Now its time to start ripping this thing apart! Stay tuned, thanks for watching!!!

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20 maj 2021



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Real Chestro
Real Chestro 2 dagar sedan
Believe it or not, you have fans in Africa lol. Botswana and South Africa are neighbouring countries.
Bobdingle25 5 dagar sedan
"Feel that wood" - Billy
d 5 dagar sedan
I want to visit you guys. Where is this beautiful place.
Philip Smith
Philip Smith 8 dagar sedan
Only takes 5 weeks to grow chickens from chicks to feast.
thumpnbass 9 dagar sedan
He said pushing the gas pedal lolol
حمد الشمري
حمد الشمري 9 dagar sedan
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 11 dagar sedan
dannnnnnng this is dope love the project different unique and awesome love all your builds but this one is a strange one
Andre Rossouw
Andre Rossouw 11 dagar sedan
Im from south Africa 😝😝
Andre Rossouw
Andre Rossouw 11 dagar sedan
Tesla is not in south Africa sadly ,someone did import one 4 months ago and it was all over southern Africa social media and news ,it was a tesla model x performance edition
Shuaib 13 dagar sedan
I think pops has better vision than me and i am 21 15:11
dean toutant
dean toutant 13 dagar sedan
SOME ADVICE! Before you change the wheel size do your homework because you could greatly decrease your range with the wrong setup.
BILL 13 dagar sedan
GAS Pedal? You're adorable.
wan mokhtar
wan mokhtar 13 dagar sedan
I wish i own this model someday..... unfortunately I'm from Malaysia...... what the heck......just in my dream🥲🥲
Edward O'Neill
Edward O'Neill 14 dagar sedan
Dear Goonz, big fan from Boston, Ma. Especially for the Viper T/A. I know that you are big Fraud fans. According seeing what you do, you need a fifth generation RAM Aka: street Speed’s TRX or other RAM. You have two Frauds (2 too many). GM, too wimpy don’t care. Your father’s beautiful 🤩 RAM is a fourth generation. Awesome 😎 but does not count. A: it is your father’s. B: not a TRX or so. You need three different RAMS to equate to or better the Frauds. Thanks 😊.
Mack_Man 14 dagar sedan
Finlly a tesla
starryian007 15 dagar sedan
Loving the channel but shouldn’t you wait until you repair the car before cleaning it?
David Kelm
David Kelm 15 dagar sedan
Dude DUDE dude dUdE
Alby Hill
Alby Hill 15 dagar sedan
The Tesla I going to be so cool when done
Gerard Aprilino
Gerard Aprilino 16 dagar sedan
Tesla is dream car dude ;)
Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude 16 dagar sedan
Vegan leather, yuck. Just let me have cloth seats please. I can't stand leather and I really don't want to sit on plastic no matter what you call it.
Billy Ward
Billy Ward 16 dagar sedan
Watching non golfers swing is pretty comical
Shit Head
Shit Head 16 dagar sedan
bigger wheels wont fit because of the suspension arm, that is above the wheel
LostAspect? 16 dagar sedan
Are they making 2 teslas videos?
1bummerdude 16 dagar sedan
DUUUUUDE!!! LEAVE THE RIMS AND TRIM STOCK!! I have never seen one fixed up that looked as good as factory stock
Sanju 16 dagar sedan
Who's excited for uncle rich and goonzquad collab🔥🔥
Timothy Lapp
Timothy Lapp 17 dagar sedan
Look on Facebook marketplace. I think You can do Netflix to
KASE BUNDRICK 17 dagar sedan
I’m telling you guys that rebuilding an old muscle car, it would get a lot of views and be really popular. Plus it would make me very happy.
Caden Richter
Caden Richter 17 dagar sedan
what is in the green bottle when u wipe the car down? id love to get some for my truck.
Tony G
Tony G 17 dagar sedan
Who ever buys white leather interior is a goof
Jeffrey Denecke
Jeffrey Denecke 17 dagar sedan
Vegan Leather.... They only used the hide from grass fed cows (LOL)
Bruno Friedman
Bruno Friedman 17 dagar sedan
Ala care vorbeste mult e un papagal The one who talks a lot is a parrot
JTA MEDIA 17 dagar sedan
finally more rebuilding content keep up the good work that house stuff got boring lol
Randy Estes
Randy Estes 17 dagar sedan
How many of you on here would like for them to STOP saying the word "Dude"?
Chris Seaman
Chris Seaman 18 dagar sedan
Any chance you could find a new word for “sucker” and “dude”!
Alan Flay
Alan Flay 18 dagar sedan
Nobody likes rubbage 😂😂😂
UNLOCKsilo 18 dagar sedan
Do they say how much they got it for?
Simon Mackie
Simon Mackie 18 dagar sedan
Are you guys going to show the new garage build like the house build?
Supercarsinearth 18 dagar sedan
Great video! I also doing some car content, keep it up!
Jason Fagan
Jason Fagan 18 dagar sedan
Where are your family originally from? Pops sounds like he might have an Eastern European accent. Love the content lads. Keep it up
cyril ming
cyril ming 18 dagar sedan
Too much talking
Frazer 18 dagar sedan
The seats aren’t cream it’s the dust tampering the color and what is vegan leather
Monte Conner
Monte Conner 18 dagar sedan
OMG! How many times are you all going to say, dude! I want to watch but all the dudes over and over I just can't..... Dude!!!
Thamii Mthembu
Thamii Mthembu 18 dagar sedan
Another fan from South Africa since the mustang build🇿🇦 and no there’s no Tesla’s in South Africa the only electric car that we have is the BMW I8 and I3
Bob D
Bob D 18 dagar sedan
That hill out front needs a deck with a hot tub
WAFFLES THE GAMER 19 dagar sedan
Elon is from South Africa, but he never gave us any, i believe there is one 1 in Cape town🥲
Black Badge
Black Badge 19 dagar sedan
too much love from china
Racerx 19 dagar sedan
Why is that car waking you up? Your beautiful house is all done. Use it! Don’t let it sit like all the cars.
Yash Suthar
Yash Suthar 19 dagar sedan
Love from india
William 19 dagar sedan
The lid holds your disks
doctawiz 19 dagar sedan
While watching this goes on Copart searches for Tesla X
41Fingers 19 dagar sedan
Black Vossens and Chrome Delete for sure
JORGEE-ALBERTOO3 ENM 19 dagar sedan
Lmao I'm in 7:30 and the times I heard "dude" is so annoying af so I'm leaving
stewart lindsay-macaloney
www.buycarparts.co.uk/number-plate-light/tesla www.autovillage.co.uk/car-parts-directory/tesla/model-x you might find some stuff here .. but probable not ..lol.. good luck
Cherryjar Productions
Cherryjar Productions 19 dagar sedan
Super! What an awesome learning experience!
Douchepickle 19 dagar sedan
How high are these guys lol
sabelo Steven
sabelo Steven 20 dagar sedan
Watching from South Africa 🇿🇦
Terrence Daye
Terrence Daye 20 dagar sedan
You guys are awesome I been watching your channel since the blue mustang build. You guys have skilled in everything. Awesome family as well.
Yashwanth K.A
Yashwanth K.A 20 dagar sedan
In this car put rainbow seets
werner grundlingh
werner grundlingh 20 dagar sedan
No tesla in south africa loadsheding will kill it
BryantCivica 20 dagar sedan
If i had a dollar for the amount of times you guys said "DUDE" in this video i will have enough for a brand new Tesla X
Marco Gutierrez
Marco Gutierrez 20 dagar sedan
You guys talk to much
Hendus Bruwer
Hendus Bruwer 20 dagar sedan
Hello Bois Hendus here from south Africa no we don't have Teslas here by us
Dwolf Xtreme Auto Care
Dwolf Xtreme Auto Care 20 dagar sedan
Dude you need to complete interior detailing a Shampoo extractor machine & steam cleaner machine thats the equipment you need to clean complete
Leggo MyEggo
Leggo MyEggo 20 dagar sedan
17:52 damn yall left a whole ass fly in there
qaannat 20 dagar sedan
pressure washing is so satisfying
Charles Long
Charles Long 20 dagar sedan
Definitely need a video on a smokeless fire ring!
Hi 20 dagar sedan
I don’t know why you would wanna hate on these guys there the nicest dudes
Joseph Caratelli
Joseph Caratelli 20 dagar sedan
You can use a usb and change the horn to say anything. Make it say DANG SON
kBigDawwg 20 dagar sedan
I work at tesla if you need any parts let me know!
Marshmallow Swirl
Marshmallow Swirl 20 dagar sedan
Elon Musk is from Pretoria, South Africa
austin amatucci
austin amatucci 20 dagar sedan
What did u use for the wheels and what kind of soap did you use
Paul Boca
Paul Boca 20 dagar sedan
tesla parts are so hard to find
Ivan Pelser
Ivan Pelser 20 dagar sedan
Wish we could get Teslas in South Africa. Keep up the good work guys. Much love from South Africa
Donald Fitzgerald
Donald Fitzgerald 20 dagar sedan
Smart, Getting Into The Electric Vehicles, Seen Some ELECTRIC vs GAS RACE Cars....They Can Move! But Like Ya Said, NO SOUND? Except Where The Tire Meets The Road!? Freaky!.....Even POP Into It, Like A Holiday! LOL!...Stay On Top Of The Tech. Game, Gonna Be A BIG Changer In Vehicles As OUR Needs Change....
RnD productions
RnD productions 20 dagar sedan
Funniest videos ever😂😂
Drew S
Drew S 20 dagar sedan
Contact selosk.info On more information about Tesla and how to source parts this would help you I hope you read this
enbelivebel gamer
enbelivebel gamer 20 dagar sedan
I wish tesla was in South Africa 🇿🇦 I've been praying and asking for tesla to come to South africa
enbelivebel gamer
enbelivebel gamer 20 dagar sedan
I live in south Africa I swear to God
enbelivebel gamer
enbelivebel gamer 20 dagar sedan
Dude I used to watch u but I was so happy when I found u again
David M Rodriguez
David M Rodriguez 20 dagar sedan
Tesla uses all leather made of bamboo bamboo leather
brianjr86 20 dagar sedan
What wheel cleaner did you guys use on the Tesla? Thanks guys.
klaus kay
klaus kay 20 dagar sedan
Pop's just chilling 😂😂😂
Flabio Rivas 69
Flabio Rivas 69 20 dagar sedan
Badass 🇲🇽💯
MD BD 20 dagar sedan
Everyone is excited I guess this will be the family car 😄
Guilherme Souza
Guilherme Souza 20 dagar sedan
Build a observation deck off the end of the grass to shoot some golf balls and sit and chill!
michelle cogill
michelle cogill 20 dagar sedan
Hey guys!! Watch all your videos here from Johannesburg South Africa! We love this new build you guys got there! My son Zachery is a HUGE fan and asks us regularly if we can visit you guys!! 😁
Ramiro Rathhof
Ramiro Rathhof 20 dagar sedan
Hey guys how many miles are on the tesla?
Why 20 dagar sedan
jesus christ, this is so cringe
HandyMan Extrodinaire
HandyMan Extrodinaire 20 dagar sedan
Put a Raptor or Hellcat Engine in the Jeep!
Chevaz Rhoden-Barr
Chevaz Rhoden-Barr 20 dagar sedan
I love the work your putting in and your two great brothers. Build a show room on the new location it would be awesome showing off your as rebuilding projects.
EVA Quality
EVA Quality 20 dagar sedan
y’all so country
Robert Crowther
Robert Crowther 20 dagar sedan
Just a curiosity of mine. Will you guys ever dive into a full restoration of a classic Muscle car?? Only one of greats deserves your attention. But as a idea. A 69 or 70 Mustang fastback that can be turned into a tribute/ clone of a Boss 429. With the window louvers , and spoilers on the front fascia as well as rear trunk. Or a 68-70 Pontiac GTO... Which can be made from a LeMans.. or perhaps a 68- 70 Chevelle which can be a Malibu turned into a Chevelle SS clone. .. I'm a muscle car kid that has helped my Dad my whole life bring back so many Muscle Cars to their glory. Just a idea and dream to see you two accomplish. Let me know what you think. I offer my search services at no charge to help you find a good project. Please let me know.
Anthony Gamez
Anthony Gamez 20 dagar sedan
Is uncle rich watching?
Robert Crowther
Robert Crowther 20 dagar sedan
You guys are amazing with your drive / motivation. The diversity of your builds, and willingness to handle the unknown is what makes your channel so great. I'm so excited to see the AUDI build and can't wait to see the improvements and upgraded outcome. It's my dream to have a RS--- Audi one day or at least a clone of one. I can't wait to see the magic happen with this Tesla and the Audi.
brent underwood
brent underwood 20 dagar sedan
good video! wish yall would do some classic cars!
Victor Moreira
Victor Moreira 20 dagar sedan
Love how you keep going. Regarding this Tesla, I think one of the first things you should do (for safety of all you), is to analyze the "integrity of the main battery". Cheers
jaun eloff
jaun eloff 21 dag sedan
Wish it was as easy to rebuild cars in South Africa. You guus are awesome, please upload daily..
Jonah Davis
Jonah Davis 21 dag sedan
The amount of times I’ve heard “dude” in this video is racking my brains 🧠
Aaron Belcher
Aaron Belcher 21 dag sedan
That’s a wireless charger in the console.
maxim verschaeren
maxim verschaeren 21 dag sedan
Is there any possibility you would ever do a bmw i8?
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