Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS!!! 

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Our first classic car!!! This has been something a lot of you guys requested for the longest time and now it is finally time! We have been looking for the perfect wrecked classic and we finally found one! A 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS that was built to the teeth and that came to a very unfortunate end! However, this is not the end of this car! We are going to bring it back to life and it'll be better than ever!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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1 jun 2021



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SkunkWorksGT Minut sedan
hahahahah "Foozy is pretty hilarious"..
Charles Eballa
Charles Eballa 25 minuter sedan
PaullyToe Nobody
PaullyToe Nobody 35 minuter sedan
Paint it yellow with black stripes
HUZAIFAH PEERALLY 5 timmar sedan
What happen to the mustang 😭
Derian Reyes
Derian Reyes 7 timmar sedan
About timeee!
J Sol
J Sol 8 timmar sedan
Mighty Car Mods have experience in standalone ecus (haltech) and electronic gas pedals
J Sol
J Sol 16 timmar sedan
Lmaoo chip foose has entered the chat
Al D
Al D 23 timmar sedan
Take that shirt off Simon!
Mr.T Dag sedan
Weaver H Christ
Weaver H Christ Dag sedan
You maniacs ought to call yourselves the Adderall Squad!
Gavin Flood
Gavin Flood Dag sedan
Let’s see a Jdm car build rhd supra or rx7 or skyline rebuild would be sick to see
Jesse Foulk
Jesse Foulk 2 dagar sedan
Douglas Todd
Douglas Todd 2 dagar sedan
Thought they were kidding at first
Preston Hagler
Preston Hagler 2 dagar sedan
bigblocklawyer 2 dagar sedan
Didn't realize Jeremy DeWitte was restoring old cars.
Dennis Lagazon
Dennis Lagazon 2 dagar sedan
OMG! they dont know who is Foose the legend..😂😁
Austin Elliott
Austin Elliott 3 dagar sedan
Anyone have any idea the song they used during washing the car? Can’t get Shazam to figure it out 😑
Peter Labiak
Peter Labiak 3 dagar sedan
First few minutes of the vid and straight away I can tell this is not an original car. Some replica of some sort
Billy Morris
Billy Morris 3 dagar sedan
Your right , I love these guys they are helluva mechanics and I'll bet after they get done with this video I hope they do look up Chip Foose they could learn alot from his old school designs. But Goonzsquad puts out awesome videos I've been watching these guys since day 1 and im extremely proud of these Tennessee boys
Travis Studebaker
Travis Studebaker 3 dagar sedan
I hope chip foose steals all your cars...
Alex Manuel
Alex Manuel 4 dagar sedan
Do not use 87 use 93 octane fuel
Michael Fletcher
Michael Fletcher 4 dagar sedan
Who tf is foose. Am I high or old idek
Kyle Pate
Kyle Pate 4 dagar sedan
As a U.S. Air Force service member, I really appreciated what the guys said at the beginning about Memorial Day. Thank y’all, it really made my day!
Agiotéx 4 dagar sedan
I think you guys should use “fuel tech” eletotronic injection, it can be the brain of the car and control everything, injection, sparcs, lights, temperature, etc.. Fuel tech is a Brazilian product and i’m Brazilian too 🇧🇷
hookinandbookin 4 dagar sedan
so does mostly every car/truck have a rebuilt title then?
raul franco araujo
raul franco araujo 4 dagar sedan
Top, ótima escolha, um clássico americano.
ProctoLogic 5 dagar sedan
So cool you never heard of Chip Foose. The best designer in the world. lol
Nickolas Watters- Tyson
Do the airbrushed strips but the stripes are the words “goonsquad”
Jason Price
Jason Price 5 dagar sedan
iPhone gets there camera from Samsung genius 🤣
38entamitc 5 dagar sedan
Should restore a WRX STI. Thank me later. Or a new m3
Willard Thomas
Willard Thomas 5 dagar sedan
Please don’t do that murder out look every body does that and it looks like crap show the chrome
Zachary Archbold
Zachary Archbold 5 dagar sedan
On most cars SS stands for super sport, on yours it stands for Super Smashed
demon dms
demon dms 5 dagar sedan
I enjoy your content but please stop talking with your hands
caitlin holland
caitlin holland 5 dagar sedan
Looks like a ss that chick foose built love the work u guys do from ur fam for south Africa
James Fairley
James Fairley 5 dagar sedan
Has anyone ever done a "dood" counter on one of these videos before?
Lil Mama
Lil Mama 6 dagar sedan
OMFG disrespectful. Foosy wtf 😳 I'm a chick and I know who Chip Foose is. You guys should consider sticking to building nerdquarters and just leave the car stuff to the car guys. You'd be blessed to have a fourth of the talent that Foose has in his pinky. And BTW CROX ARE NOT COOL STOP WEARING THEM AND STOP TRYING TO GIVE THEM TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T HAVE SHOES!!!! THEY'D RATHER STAY BAREFOOT THAN WEAR THOSE HIDEOUS THINGS!!! Iwas a big fan of you guys but you been slippin lately n for you to not know who he is is just unreal.
Alif Arifin
Alif Arifin 6 dagar sedan
I used to watch their videos in 2019 regularly and I loved them, then I just suddenly stopped. Today I watched this one aaaaand..... wtf!!....these guys are turned into total cartoons. They used to talk normally, like normal people... wtf happened to them?! :D :D
Alif Arifin
Alif Arifin 6 dagar sedan
For example, check any video from Mustang GT repair playlist. No "dude" in every 2 secs -_-
Schuyler Siegle
Schuyler Siegle 6 dagar sedan
Would be nice to see someone do a color other than black on a classic camaro. Y'all could switch it up!
Schuyler Siegle
Schuyler Siegle 6 dagar sedan
Emerald green, lots of metallics would look amazing on that camaro
SOTE NZ 6 dagar sedan
You boys, love watching your videos. But not knowing who chip foose is. What an epic FAIL
Pier Wobbler
Pier Wobbler 6 dagar sedan
Soooooo Stoked on this one guys! Awesome project car! Really Hope yall were kidding on chip foose, or you need some serious classic car culture XD
Christopher Tan
Christopher Tan 6 dagar sedan
Ohh man ... love that Camaro !
James Miliaresis
James Miliaresis 6 dagar sedan
Chevy 350 usually a small block for a car like that
James Miliaresis
James Miliaresis 6 dagar sedan
The raptor can tow from 7500-8000
JK78927ITY 6 dagar sedan
It's not the cars thats known for a lot of Bondo it's the americans Who restore them that are know for bad work
Part Time Hooker Pulling Team
Crack kills
Jose Valdez
Jose Valdez 6 dagar sedan
Badge is crooked and bumper doesn’t look right which is a sign something is off. I hope it is legit.
BILL 6 dagar sedan
Hole in-dash was an 8 player/Stereo
BILL 6 dagar sedan
AH, I see it does not, which means IT IS a 1967 model
BILL 6 dagar sedan
Does this Camaro have side-marker lights? I had a '68 and it was the first time any car had side-marker lights.
Erik Sandoval Medina
Erik Sandoval Medina 6 dagar sedan
Yall foos acting like yall on crack now. wtf happened lol.
Jason Sell
Jason Sell 6 dagar sedan
Chip foose I hope there joking!! Lol
Austin Fox
Austin Fox 6 dagar sedan
about time guys
D3RPWARRI0R 6 dagar sedan
If it’s a true SS that thing should have come with a 396
hendrix random
hendrix random 6 dagar sedan
Disappointing, I think they should go back to building houses
Denis Rodrigues
Denis Rodrigues 6 dagar sedan
it would be great to install a fueltech ecu.
Everett Harrington
Everett Harrington 6 dagar sedan
Oh yall hating on Android phones 😆
Marlon Green
Marlon Green 6 dagar sedan
King Junior
King Junior 6 dagar sedan
For next bulid work on 2005 ford gt
burnamon 6 dagar sedan
Is this 1968 Camaro SS a Chip Foose car you should look it up and check if it is it could be worth a lot of money if it was built and designed by him.
WaterZone GT
WaterZone GT 6 dagar sedan
If we could see under the hood depends on the ecu on If it had a holly intake etc. the ecm is 2008 Newer I believe from the connecters
WaterZone GT
WaterZone GT 6 dagar sedan
and that’s really cool how they molded the Bigger radio in
blaser51 6 dagar sedan
About time !!!!!!!
WaterZone GT
WaterZone GT 6 dagar sedan
Where that bondo is probably where they put a quarter panel on, old timers when they would fix the classics their bondo was how they welded lmao like I have a 70 mustang Mach 1 that someone didn’t even weld the panel on. They litterally just used bondo 😂
Zilvinas D
Zilvinas D 6 dagar sedan
Video for everyone who watched all those 'overhailin' shows and every time wanted to know the quality. Here it is: bondo sculpture.
swatson0061 6 dagar sedan
Pretty sure the Foosey remark was sarcasm.
Jose Medina
Jose Medina 6 dagar sedan
Texas speed cams and heads!!!!!!!
Shaun OVision
Shaun OVision 6 dagar sedan
SS=Super Sick
Bob D
Bob D 6 dagar sedan
Boys, you now have the proof that the legend watches you
Martin Labrosse
Martin Labrosse 6 dagar sedan
Daanng Son ! Y’all never heard of Chip, better get to it !!!!
Davis Azizian
Davis Azizian 6 dagar sedan
Rebuild a 77 trans am
Game Play Central
Game Play Central 6 dagar sedan
Imagine being a car guy and not knowing who chip foose is lol I live in the UK and know who he is FFS.
rgbigdog 6 dagar sedan
You guys can get everything you need for this build from NPD aka National Parts Depot, the front subframe and body panels, hood, fenders, doors, rockers, quarter panels but not them Foose wheels. They do have a good selection of wheels.
Poochie 6 dagar sedan
Older cars paint was thick vs today cars
In the garage
In the garage 7 dagar sedan
Wow! No Idea who Chip Foose is.....HOW???
Cadjano 7 dagar sedan
This car is amazing! Beside the Pontiac Firebird and the DeLorean it´s my favorite
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 7 dagar sedan
About time ya do a good build!!!
Custom cars of the north west Harvey
Chip foose is a legend and the stuff he builds and designs is mine blowing. I really do look Up to him.
Jose Colon
Jose Colon 7 dagar sedan
First thing I noticed was the FOOSE rims
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 7 dagar sedan
Dannnnnng this is epic I have wanted you to do one of these in a long time my favourite car of all time 😉 it’s sick dude love it I’m excited for this one
Mastnak 7 dagar sedan
Ss nazi
TheNowi 7 dagar sedan
Fat dislike, for that you don't know who Chip Foose is!
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 7 dagar sedan
idiot boys need search youtube name "foose design" then can looking some little video how build real good cars not only change parts, ewery idiot ans childrens can buy and change broken parts to new parts not have repuilding or build car .have only brainless work change part thats all.
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 7 dagar sedan
boys have totally brainless idiot if not know who foose have, if not know not have real car repair newer.
Jerome Keys
Jerome Keys 7 dagar sedan
Chip Foose is one of the GOATs
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 7 dagar sedan
non writed rules have newer NOT eat in car anythink, idiot only eat.
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas 7 dagar sedan
These guys don't do custom.
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 7 dagar sedan
newer can repair classic 1967 mustang or 1970+80 cadillac or lincoln continental,firebird,mopar,etc. boys brains not understand what have real classic car repair and what need. not only change old part to new part can repair newer.
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 7 dagar sedan
boys not newer can rebuild old classic mustang or other classic beauty car, because, boys can only change broken part to new part only change parts but not can repair and made body and engine anythink good normal old style body repair sheet metal and welding, or build engine, boys can only buy buy buy lot new parts and change .what not need brains. real old classic car repair need more than money lot, need brains how repair what doing and what doing. classic cars not have idiot lift kti,wide kit,carbon fiper shit, etc all childrens idiot ideas.
Trent Michel
Trent Michel 7 dagar sedan
Repaint with black 3.0!
wirenut003 7 dagar sedan
Hide away headlights those headlights look shiitty
David Regan
David Regan 7 dagar sedan
I hope the guy that owned it before chimes in to talk about the car, and what happened. I'm guessing it was a 30 - 40 thousand dollar car before the accident!
ChevyBoy TV
ChevyBoy TV 7 dagar sedan
Super glad you guys are doing something with an LS! Some people don’t know they even have LS4s like I got on my channel! You guys rock stoked to see the build of this SS! Keep up the great work. Who else is #ChevyGang ?
David Regan
David Regan 7 dagar sedan
The 65 is my favorite Camaro! My ex brother in law had one. He also had a 55 Chevy!
devon bigelow
devon bigelow 7 dagar sedan
buddy said foose
Greg Silvestri
Greg Silvestri 7 dagar sedan
As much as I love the Goonsquad boys, you guys need to pause and binge watch some (Overhaulin episodes with the legend Chip Foose) and by the way, Androids take way better pics then the over priced iPhones.........hear come the sheep.....
David Rocha
David Rocha 7 dagar sedan
... selosk.info/name/brNDNEFq9wn5YZGKiu5FSg ...
Brady Perez
Brady Perez 7 dagar sedan
Please do a destroyer gray on this car please
ArgentPure 7 dagar sedan
This guy is so irritating!
Adam B
Adam B 7 dagar sedan
That sucks that someone's 1967 Camero got totaled
Çukur 4.Sezon 39.Bölüm
Çukur 4.Sezon 39.Bölüm
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
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