Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 7 

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We finally got some paint!!! This build has already been a super fun one to us since we are getting back into auto rebuilds. We are moving right along with the biggest damage on this truck and were getting so close to the painting stages! Now that we have all of our parts as well we have plenty of work in front of us. Also we are getting a lot of aftermarket parts on the way to get this raptor looking right! Cant wait to show y'all the results!!!
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18 apr 2021



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Rajesh Dayal
Rajesh Dayal 7 dagar sedan
Viper need wheels 🔥🔥
I just love how mum's helping out there. Keep the good work guys.
don earl
don earl 28 dagar sedan
D rizzle
D rizzle Månad sedan
Its so finny to hear these guys say bussin i love it
Aaron Gerbrand
Aaron Gerbrand Månad sedan
Mama should start a cooking Channel! Goonzquad kitchen! Where pops taste tests it
Gallup Journey Test Drives
I never really undestood why they just hang on to all these vehicles when they're "done"? Seems like they would constantly be driving and selling different vehicles.
primalfury2011 Månad sedan
you guys should pave pops driveway... keep your cars cleaner !!!
primalfury2011 Månad sedan
omg that ferrari is awesome...want one !!!
izbut Månad sedan
Da Brander
Da Brander Månad sedan
How come Billy does all the work
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Månad sedan
Dang this truck is super nice 😊 going to be lit once finished and also the new wheels for the Ferrari is siiick ❤️ melts my heart does the sound and look drop top 😎 looking sick for the carbon I think if you were thinking to paint it I wouldn’t I would go wrap just to protect the carbon fiber but it’s up to you 😏
Brewbee Månad sedan
@17:25 Good to see your mom and dad helping out. Food looks like your mom knows how to cook!
Anvarynn Månad sedan
Those orange hoodies are literal fire lmfao
Cisco Mkd
Cisco Mkd Månad sedan
Did you just taped the filler with the cheetos and ate it? I dont think thats a good combination lol
Miguel 1 pjma Cute
Miguel 1 pjma Cute Månad sedan
Austin Berg
Austin Berg Månad sedan
Who here watched the Camaro and the mustang being made
Adam Powers
Adam Powers Månad sedan
Bumper definitely needs paint. Car is so sick though!
Worley Ryan
Worley Ryan Månad sedan
You guys should come out to Harper’s Cars and Coffee on Sunday 4-25 In Knoxville!
Gabby G
Gabby G Månad sedan
The cheeto hoodie
Pentti K. Huttunen
Pentti K. Huttunen Månad sedan
17:28 looks like something I had in Kiev, sausage hidden in to a pancake. Not expensive but so good
Pentti K. Huttunen
Pentti K. Huttunen Månad sedan
Mirka sand papers etc are from Finland www.mirka.com/fi/fi/Hiomatuotteet/hiomatuotteet-nimen-mukaan/
K Brown
K Brown Månad sedan
9:52 LIKE THE VIDEO!!!!!
K Brown
K Brown Månad sedan
who else knows the sound tracks by heart?
Eric Bierman
Eric Bierman Månad sedan
That’s just an awesome Ferrari to keep. The wheel set up is fire on it.
Steve Edwards
Steve Edwards Månad sedan
We can't drop the Ferrari until we move the helicopter !!!!
Moe Gains
Moe Gains Månad sedan
Take a shot every time they say dude.
Moe Gains
Moe Gains Månad sedan
New here, are they always this eccentric ? lol
Daniel Krogmann
Daniel Krogmann Månad sedan
I had to laugh so hard, when you said it is hitting the innerfender slighly. If the cops catch you with that in germany the car will be towed and it will easily cost you 2 grand.
Austin Kenney
Austin Kenney Månad sedan
“Its bussin” 😂
bros with goals lawn service
That's bussin bussin sheesh
Sooner 145
Sooner 145 Månad sedan
The amount of buss in this video
aa VARGAZ Månad sedan
23:13 do you know ? Lmao
Sumesh Pillai
Sumesh Pillai Månad sedan
You guys should get a spoiler for Ferrari
David Kelm
David Kelm Månad sedan
whoop whoop !
Jordan Hall
Jordan Hall Månad sedan
Broooo pleeeease stop saying duuuuude 🤣🤣💀
Nathan Hovanec
Nathan Hovanec Månad sedan
I still think you should wrap the Ferrari carbon to match the bumper
Nathan Hovanec
Nathan Hovanec Månad sedan
Momma goonzquad is a beast! Love seeing the fam on here helping out
Extra hot Cheetos are better!
Lhey Motovlog
Lhey Motovlog Månad sedan
When i saw the new tires installed on the ferrari,I'm speechless.,all I can say is Dannnnnnngggggg Sonnnnn!😁👍
Dave Duarte
Dave Duarte Månad sedan
Im sure your lungs enjoyed that filler dust smh
tasaab Månad sedan
Need some shots of Moms driving one of the high end sports cars, the Ferrari or the Viper.
Marcgus Kwiatkowski
Marcgus Kwiatkowski Månad sedan
Don't paint the rear bumper
khaled alaa
khaled alaa Månad sedan
i like the hangout with bikers by the ferrari beast
Aveed Maroofi
Aveed Maroofi Månad sedan
At the new goon squad garage you guys can build a bigger and better garage.
Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald Månad sedan
I remember a while back when they were mostly saying "we gotta make ANOTHER trip to the dealer for parts DEWD"....still great vids & saving rides that would have perished otherwise.
angel ayala
angel ayala Månad sedan
Daang son that beautiful job sanding and primmer
angel ayala
angel ayala Månad sedan
Daang son the Ferrari is hot let’s turn it into serious money
steve ash
steve ash Månad sedan
You guys are lucky sons of bitches..🤣🤣🤣. Remember to reflect on that boys. 👍👍 You earnt it 100% guys your amazing.
Arhaan Barmare
Arhaan Barmare Månad sedan
and what helping father
Arhaan Barmare
Arhaan Barmare Månad sedan
what a lovely mother, Just great
Fluffy Wubkins
Fluffy Wubkins Månad sedan
10 bucks the next shirt will be shoooweee!
Jao Evora
Jao Evora Månad sedan
damn ferrari!
realbhopwood Månad sedan
That 458 looks so good! Bytaking off the inner panels to the rear diffuser might give rear lift at high speed. Buy the cool factor is 1000%
Bradley B
Bradley B Månad sedan
Cool that a tire shop let’s you mount and balance your own tires.
5ZERO TheIronLion
5ZERO TheIronLion Månad sedan
When you have to move your helicopter to get to the Ferrari 👍
5ZERO TheIronLion
5ZERO TheIronLion Månad sedan
Hoody logo reminds me of the original Streetfighter game logo
Lewis Jeffrey-shaw
Lewis Jeffrey-shaw Månad sedan
Anyone know the track/song on 7:38 please?
That was some well needed wash/TLC for the ferrari :D
fire surfer
fire surfer Månad sedan
Hint, you don't need a knife for nylon banding. Find the heat seal, flip it over and peel apart the loose end. Easy peasey.
quinn Månad sedan
This whole video was bussinn businnn
Dan's Learning Curve
Just found the Raptor build! Watching them all! Was needed something other than building a house. Glad you got the house done.
DJ FreePlay
DJ FreePlay Månad sedan
Remember the episode when they bought the helicopter... 😂😂😂
gorge washington
gorge washington Månad sedan
the new hoodie wo match perfectly cheetos color nice one !
Luke Ramdial
Luke Ramdial Månad sedan
need to see 90s jdm build
Erik Rosal
Erik Rosal Månad sedan
pls do a 1966 vw beetle
MegaDirtyberty Månad sedan
Your velcome
Crystal Wilson
Crystal Wilson Månad sedan
My friend owns a hot cheetos hoodie
billy santiesteban
billy santiesteban Månad sedan
Those tires were busted. Not to be confused with bustin 👍
John Drumm
John Drumm Månad sedan
I’ve been watching your guys channel now for some time and I love it. I also watch Kondor builds and V-Tuned Kondor Builds had both of the passenger doors from their 2019 F250 build. He probably would of gave you guys a great deal on those ones. Since you guys are going to have to paint the doors anyway.
James Gray
James Gray Månad sedan
Y’all should paint the Ferrari red
Ray Garcia
Ray Garcia Månad sedan
I have the same color blue!
James Gray
James Gray Månad sedan
This right here is BUSSIN
los latino estamos en todos lados trabajando duro
Christopher Pacheco
Christopher Pacheco Månad sedan
Rafid Chowdhury
Rafid Chowdhury Månad sedan
My mom makes that in 9:00 and I think she calls it “patishapta” it’s really good you can add cream or not but especially when it’s cold it tastes soo good. Lucky I am fasting unfortunately. 😭😭
Panos T.
Panos T. Månad sedan
Yes you're right guys, we call them crepes here in Europe and we make them sweet with ice cream or Nutella and fruits and they are a major hit. You can make one flaming hot and we'll call it the goonzquad crepe.
Rainer Lindenlaub
Rainer Lindenlaub Månad sedan
Ihr seid so krass
Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez Månad sedan
haha you got it for your hoodies. they are bussin' or you can say they bus down! For your food, you can say that they smack!
Aman Månad sedan
Man that Ferrari is fire 🔥
KeiNovak Månad sedan
Please leave the carbon fiber bumper unpainted.
Asia Sung
Asia Sung Månad sedan
I was really expecting something good for your come back video
iExplixite Månad sedan
R.I.P Forky😪
Ghost PB
Ghost PB Månad sedan
All I heard was dude lol
Elijah Markland • 420 Years ago
What happened to the custom supercar build?
Dylan Benoit
Dylan Benoit Månad sedan
Skiridr22 Månad sedan
Yep wash it then rip it 🤣 get it all dirty again.
Skiridr22 Månad sedan
Mom need to send us some of those recipes 👍🏾👍🏾
Jay Kirkwood
Jay Kirkwood Månad sedan
Camron Joseph
Camron Joseph Månad sedan
Next build should be a corvette c8
Eduardo Gomez
Eduardo Gomez Månad sedan
Why tf does he do his hands gestures like that bro ass did the same movement explaining his sweater
Angus Mactaggart
Angus Mactaggart Månad sedan
Surely get a tray instead of a tub
Donte Blair
Donte Blair Månad sedan
Mike Lett
Mike Lett Månad sedan
I wonder what the property tax on all those vehicles cost per year?
scottyknows Månad sedan
Do you guys use dealer tags to drive all those vehicles?
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
@scottyknows You are welcome. Yes, those Regulations vary from State to State, and sometimes even between Counties. I doubt that the cops in North Dakota would ever pull anyone over for having no Dealer Tags, because look what happened in the movie 'Fargo'... !
scottyknows Månad sedan
@John Stedman thanks for the knowledge. I know it varies state to state, I personally would feel a little nervous ripping with no tags haha. I've been pulled over for that, and here in maryland they can impound your car. But I appreciate the comment and knowledge!!!
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
Goonquad do not yet have a Used Motor Vehicles Dealer's Licence for Tennessee, and do not legally require one if they sell no more than five cars a year and these are all Registered in their name. Getting a Dealer's Licence is quite a complex and bureaucratic process, with requirements including the ownership of a Car Lot large enough for 18 cars, dedicated office accommodation, purchasing a $50,000 Bond, and Financial Statements from their Certified Public Accountant. Without this Licence they would not be able to obtain or use Dealer's Licence Plates ('Tags').
Life with Lilah Marie
For sale yet hehe
Lachlan Sansom
Lachlan Sansom Månad sedan
Should make a video of abit of a before and after of the cars yous have now
John Choi
John Choi Månad sedan
Another great episode!
Faisal Saleem
Faisal Saleem Månad sedan
Beautiful mother and father
Harrison York
Harrison York Månad sedan
Like like like!!!!red hair
Diggi Dirk
Diggi Dirk Månad sedan
you guys never heard a f1 car for real... there is only one street car that comes close to that sound... and its not a ferrari