Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 5 

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All of the parts are finally in!!!! We are super happy with how fast these ford parts have been arriving. This is allowing us to get things done and getting ready for some mods! Also we had a good buddy of ours come out and test if this aluminum of this truck is weldable. Turns out Vasiliy builds can lay down some nice dimes! Cant wait to show y'all how this thing gets repaired! Thanks For Watching!!!
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13 apr 2021



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Hanan Butt
Hanan Butt 8 dagar sedan
yo i thought that welder was simon until he spoke behind the camera. lol
Legend17 13 dagar sedan
Nardo grey for the hellcat for sure
David Mendez
David Mendez 18 dagar sedan
love the goonzquad shout out to pops.
mixed 1
mixed 1 28 dagar sedan
*May God bless you guys* 💯
don earl
don earl 29 dagar sedan
Castelle McIntosh
Castelle McIntosh Månad sedan
Simon that was a very noble gesture to give away your Crocs
Brice Snip Clips
Brice Snip Clips Månad sedan
Man!! Great video son ! Nice to see buddies getting together and getting it done !
Paulius LT
Paulius LT Månad sedan
Whats the song on 24:00
Tiya Murphy
Tiya Murphy Månad sedan
no no no no. you have the best wheels on the hellcat already
primalfury2011 Månad sedan
Boooooooo. We want more house footage videos.. lawl.. hey when we getting. New shop build videos ?
ewan stewart
ewan stewart Månad sedan
Crocs are the best but a man who gives his away to someone in need is the greatest well done Simon 👍🏻
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Månad sedan
Blimey damn this is super awesome 👌 looks dope loving the new helcst wheels
Frank -
Frank - Månad sedan
Simon got a twin.....???
Lupillo 's
Lupillo 's Månad sedan
24:22 Much respect thanks guys for helping that man really needed them crocs 👍🏻
DemoScottGaming Lounge
Sometimes you just need to do good things In life and these bois here prove doing good deeds at good
Kevin Hanes
Kevin Hanes Månad sedan
Can you send me a few pieces of the wrecked aluminum? Not much, just enough to do some metallurgical test.
C W Månad sedan
You can buff out that front door. Just use the heavy polishing compound.
Lokey Playz
Lokey Playz Månad sedan
So the welder is their third brother 😀
Leek Mitx
Leek Mitx Månad sedan
I hate people that talk with their hands
Tucker Scherbarth
Tucker Scherbarth Månad sedan
That guy looks stoned asf
Robert Reese
Robert Reese Månad sedan
That dude looks like Simon without the hat!!! Crazy!
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas Månad sedan
I've saying for years he's the missing goonzquad brother !, now you guys see it
Abraham Salazar Gutiérrez
Giving a homles man the shoes off your feet Man that talks good about you guys God bless you 🙏
Miguel Licea
Miguel Licea Månad sedan
Where are your parents from
Joes Golden Garage
Joes Golden Garage Månad sedan
He’s going to cut his arm doing all that dancing around on that damage passenger door
K Brown
K Brown Månad sedan
when i liked the vid, there were 41k likes and 411 dislikes. thats about 100 to 1 likes to dislikes. thats impresive and there is a reason why! THEIR VIDS ARE AWSOME!!!!! So i have a question for the goon bros. do you guys have any Religious background?
David Kelm
David Kelm Månad sedan
Chevy Silverado trucks 4x4 woodruff
You should put a flatbed on it
Levi King
Levi King Månad sedan
Ray Spencer
Ray Spencer Månad sedan
Aluminum - a nice soft metal. Perfect, let's build our trucks with it, 'cause they NEVER see any abuse.
Ray Spencer
Ray Spencer Månad sedan
13:33 "I already know, without even knowing..." Another t-shirt.
Kathith Diwan
Kathith Diwan Månad sedan
i do not know if it is wrecked well it is cool
angel ayala
angel ayala Månad sedan
Daang son the wheels are hot
angel ayala
angel ayala Månad sedan
Daang son that beautiful
angel ayala
angel ayala Månad sedan
You go guys
angel ayala
angel ayala Månad sedan
Daang son that was Amazing job with the glass
martin henri
martin henri Månad sedan
Giving your shoes is a good deed man .
Дима Богатырев
Too much blah blah and blah....diz...
Jason Swift
Jason Swift Månad sedan
Who is the guy at 6:12?
L Vitale
L Vitale Månad sedan
One thing that seems to be missing when splicing that section of the rear cab you need to use a butt joint with a backer and you will need to use Lord Fusor 108B adhesive on the panel. The panel needs to be rivet bonded. These are Ford recommended repair procedures for aluminum.
Donte Blair
Donte Blair Månad sedan
Teen Education
Teen Education Månad sedan
snappingbear Månad sedan
I wonder how much damage they did to the truck's electronics by tig welding the aluminum? Apparently, the goonz don't know you NEVER use a TIG welder for this kind of repair because of it's high frequency, you use something like MIG spray welding.
Donald Mauldin
Donald Mauldin Månad sedan
That dude gotta be yalls brother 🤣
tim walls
tim walls Månad sedan
You know your hellcat doesn't have that much horsepower. Even twin turbos will only bring it to like 728. Your Camero has more power than a stock hellcat.
rynou812 Månad sedan
Red S2000 needs the love! His and Hers for the married couple!
Froylan Corona
Froylan Corona Månad sedan
What do you guys daily drive?
Руслан Шпур
Alf Gjelsvik
Alf Gjelsvik Månad sedan
where is vTuned ??????
Speed Form
Speed Form Månad sedan
I don’t know why they act so secretive about family and names! When everyone knows their names and a blind person can tell he’s family! The internet is no respect of privacy!
Dave Fahlgren
Dave Fahlgren Månad sedan
You guys rock..
Reginald Cullen
Reginald Cullen Månad sedan
Good on you helping that man out. Keeping it real, love your channel
alexsander pereira
alexsander pereira Månad sedan
"We already know it without even knowing it" Goonzquad, 2021
DRONIUS Månad sedan
It’s crazy how y’all assume their names 😂 but yeah they all look alike
Juan C
Juan C Månad sedan
Vasily is what you get when you order a goonzsquad from Wish 😂
Eric Bierman
Eric Bierman Månad sedan
Daniel Burgin
Daniel Burgin Månad sedan
Man he has to be related to them he looks too like Simon for it to be a coincidence
Brian, Sweeney
Brian, Sweeney Månad sedan
😁 Super cool dudes 👍🏻 😁
Old Vanturers
Old Vanturers Månad sedan
Red wrap=sick
ydlog5 Månad sedan
I could be wrong but starting at 18:48 check out the background through the passenger door window. Appears to be something that kind of looks like it could be a guitar with a pot leaf on it. LOL, like I said I could be wrong anyways thumbs up.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Månad sedan
Great job guys with the Crocs. Super cool of you. Keep up the great work
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton Månad sedan
You have to be relatives or something man
Jayvon Månad sedan
Anyone else notice the look alike here like wtf they look alike🤷🤯
Skiridr22 Månad sedan
This is why I respect both of you so much, giving a stranger the shoe off your feet is epic.
Ral Hellcat
Ral Hellcat Månad sedan
Hey guys. I think you bought the Wrong Size Hellcat Widebody Wheels. WIDEBODY wheels are 20x11... based on the video, you bought 20x9.5 wheels which are for the the narrow body Hellcat.
Constantinos Christopher Salpadimos
23:35 That Hellcat would look fire in Satin Red, please do it!
Banshan Lyngkhoi
Banshan Lyngkhoi Månad sedan
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Solid Diagnostics
Solid Diagnostics Månad sedan
That’s welder is definitely Simons brother.
Vinny Araújo
Vinny Araújo Månad sedan
You guys are AMAZING! PS: Take your dog to the veterinarian, the older one (forgot his name). He walks a little bit bend, sloping his back/hip.
Stephen Walling
Stephen Walling Månad sedan
Your daddy must be proud of where his money went, since obviously you didn't pay for anything yourself.
Alex Njagi
Alex Njagi Månad sedan
More blessings on your way guys for that act of kindness for the hand that giveth, it receiveth.. thanks guys..
Imloul Ibrahim
Imloul Ibrahim Månad sedan
Shawn B
Shawn B Månad sedan
welder kid driving a Mercury cougar...?
Malachi Dunlap
Malachi Dunlap Månad sedan
Is that aluminum welding guy your brother????🧐
Tennessee Outlaw
Tennessee Outlaw Månad sedan
Dang Clark’s in Murfreesboro TN would have probably gave your pops maybe 200 bucks for that load of scrap scrap is up here in Murfreesboro
Darrell Månad sedan
Is this the DUDE ranch?
desiree jackson
desiree jackson Månad sedan
Tell brother to stop moving his hand some much slow it down or start doing sign language
mahathir pro
mahathir pro Månad sedan
i like you gyes all project
David Sousa
David Sousa Månad sedan
just awesome vids guys , 5*
Richard LaPenes
Richard LaPenes Månad sedan
Good on ya Simon. Giving your shoes to that guy was what a good son does. Dad is proud of his boys.
BKirby1911 Månad sedan
That little gold tool looks just like a $10 AK47 front sight adjustment tool
Deekshith Nayak
Deekshith Nayak Månad sedan
Good use of corona shield😁 18:00
John Bowen
John Bowen Månad sedan
to much hype, chill out
Aaron Podgorski
Aaron Podgorski Månad sedan
God bless y'all
Az Boyd
Az Boyd Månad sedan
You guys need to buy 40 foot shipping containers put them 30 foot apart to make workshop space put a roof on it store the cars in the container's at the new headquarters maybe 3 containers you will have heaps off space to store the kubota and long enough to put 450 under
Edmisten Adventures
Edmisten Adventures Månad sedan
Can someone tell me how Vasily Builds is related to these guys! He looks like he could be there brother or cousin!
Dee Kash
Dee Kash Månad sedan
That’s definitely y’all’s brother
Joseph Caratelli
Joseph Caratelli Månad sedan
73$ for all that scrap 🤣. Pops was the closest on that guess
John hobbs
John hobbs Månad sedan
Any updates on the new shop? Are you going to be involved with the finishing touches?
kefi3 Månad sedan
You know what I think , they need to make some shoes THAT WILL BE SICK DUDE
Ramses MOPAR
Ramses MOPAR Månad sedan
9:09 we don't wanna fuckk ups focus on that. Lol
Madmen Crew
Madmen Crew Månad sedan
U lads really all look like brothers ngl
Keith Brass
Keith Brass Månad sedan
Geez ford why don't you just use tinfoil.....should be a bit stronger😎👊🤘🤘
phantom walker
phantom walker Månad sedan
nice clogs,,must be a lot of flies around your house.. by.....
MVP Skoot
MVP Skoot Månad sedan
Alison Barry
Alison Barry Månad sedan
Aaron Banga
Aaron Banga Månad sedan
Please get a better camera!
Riad Xhaferi
Riad Xhaferi Månad sedan
Shorten the bed of the truck
ali emad
ali emad Månad sedan
عمي اكووو عرب هنا
Y D Tech
Y D Tech Månad sedan
Wow this welder guy looks like their third brother
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