Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 19 

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This is the end! The 2019 Raptor build is finally complete and it turned out to be super epic! We are super happy we got to share this entire journey with you guys and all the love and support was unreal. Now that the build is finished we decided to do a price breakdown! I think for what we got in this thing, that its an absolute steal! Thanks For Watching!!!

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16 maj 2021



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Kat Dag sedan
Gorgeous truck
JR Auto
JR Auto 3 dagar sedan
This was a good build guys can’t wait for the next build !…😎👍
Charles Eballa
Charles Eballa 4 dagar sedan
Nick Leonchik
Nick Leonchik 6 dagar sedan
It's not worth it getting a car from Auction for yourself cuz if you were to fix it for yourself it would off costed you same price as clean title truck 70k but this it rebuilt title and costing pretty much 70k also
Hanan Butt
Hanan Butt 7 dagar sedan
i dont think you needed any braces cause those teeths give you a goonzquad touch. lol anyway i hope u get rid of them quick.
mustafa mohamed
mustafa mohamed 8 dagar sedan
It would be insane if yall built a harley Davidson or a Indian bike something on 2 wheels 💯
woz doz YT
woz doz YT 9 dagar sedan
Gael y yo
Legend17 12 dagar sedan
Sorry but 75 I can buy a used one that wasn’t in a wreck. I know it has a ton of mods but those mods aren’t that crazy. Exhaust, tune and intake yes sure. Other thing no thank you.
Nathanuel Hall
Nathanuel Hall 13 dagar sedan
Looking at probably at a least $5,000 for the whole paint job. Shops around here were gonna charge $5,000 for a whole paint job on a Mazda 3
Brandon Bubbuh
Brandon Bubbuh 16 dagar sedan
Its 125-150 per hour in labor at the shop i work. It literally depends mostly on return customer or new.
adonisnetworks 17 dagar sedan
That calculated Labour price seemed really cheap even for a backyard mechanic, including the paint shop price again seemed very very low. Ford dealership repair would have said no thanks haha. DIY is the way to go. Great job goonzquad
Bolle VW
Bolle VW 17 dagar sedan
Billy Jr
Billy Jr 18 dagar sedan
Apple should sponsor you guys “shot on a iPhone”
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 19 dagar sedan
boys has do alltime same idiot work, waste ower 10 000$ ewerythink totally stupid shit what really not need any car.
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 19 dagar sedan
ower price lot and boys has waste lot money stupid. thailand if i buy same raptor wery popular ewery village ewery men have raptor today, cost 36000$ all same than this car have.36+40 000$ if want idiot lift kit and biggest tires.
Justin Hakes
Justin Hakes 20 dagar sedan
Next series: Rebuilding Billies Teeth Part 1.
Andrew Bewernick
Andrew Bewernick 20 dagar sedan
Caution about getting air-time. I heard Raptors fold up if the land too hard.
Leo sheremet
Leo sheremet 20 dagar sedan
I think you can buy same truck from dealer for same amount of money, with clean title, never been in an accident . But anyway that was good job.
Rayan Ahmed
Rayan Ahmed 20 dagar sedan
I hoped you typed the whole list in description To calculate better And also for people who know a little bit of English (like me 💔) to catch with you
Ruin Ragnarson
Ruin Ragnarson 21 dag sedan
Lets say you sell it for 75k The truck already gave you the good views and results of the build.I say its a great decision to sell it and get another build. Good job again guys,that Lambo would be a great project reminds me of the Huracan build wich was why i sub back in 2019
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 22 dagar sedan
Danggggggg this is sick lover the price list and I’m getting braces next month and I want to kayak looks fun glad you guys doing things you love to do this is a cool build for sure
Steven Welden
Steven Welden 22 dagar sedan
@ 11:11 ....Damm that thing looks good crossing the Water
Diamond Digger
Diamond Digger 22 dagar sedan
Definitely if you can get the EVO will be an epic build!! Cant wait!!
Stage 3 Motorsports
Stage 3 Motorsports 22 dagar sedan
You guys made some great choices on parts! Let us know if there's anything else you're wanting for it!
AspectYT 22 dagar sedan
2:58 now you have ticks :)
Mike Mocon
Mike Mocon 22 dagar sedan
Get the dang Lambo!
Glen Chargualaf
Glen Chargualaf 23 dagar sedan
What are you going to do with exhaust system. I could use it on my ford. Hopefully u both can set a decent price for used system On a fixed budget. Military wounded veteran Thank u. God bless Keep safe. Chsrgualaf2@gmail.com
Paul Malaga
Paul Malaga 23 dagar sedan
Can I hav it
Thomas Lamoree
Thomas Lamoree 23 dagar sedan
Do the Evo build!
OlimpioRikGame 23 dagar sedan
please add a caption, I’m Brazilian I would like to understand what they say
Shannon Dailey
Shannon Dailey 23 dagar sedan
I stared watching these guys with the Lambo build...... haven't missed an episode since!...... Definitely one of the best channels!!!..... Will be 3 million in no time!!....... Keep up the awesome work!!
MyNamels Nobody
MyNamels Nobody 23 dagar sedan
I like how the entire car rebuilding world there is teens and early 20's. They all are successful have or work in shops it's really great to see.
Mark Baguley
Mark Baguley 23 dagar sedan
This is the best channel on SElosk. Very upbeat and positive. These guys are awesome! I watched them build cars, a house. Heck, I’d even watch them build a fire. Super motivated guys.
F A 23 dagar sedan
5k tow weight and run a 13.7?? That don't sound too fast or like much of a truck to me....for 70 GRAND?????
Pablo Palacios
Pablo Palacios 23 dagar sedan
Hola amigos quedo excelente la Ford me gusta muchos sus videos los veo siempre sigan adelante con lo que hacen un saludo desde Ecuador
Create Don't Hate
Create Don't Hate 24 dagar sedan
That's gonna be a RAPTOR todays video!
Aunt Janet
Aunt Janet 24 dagar sedan
Keep the Raptor, ditch the GMC.
MegaDirtyberty 24 dagar sedan
Thanks youtube for enabling us to have all this money and able to buy all this stuff.
Marlon Green
Marlon Green 24 dagar sedan
SAIF 24 dagar sedan
Thanks for giving life back to this sick F150 Raptor.
Marcus P
Marcus P 24 dagar sedan
I wanna see a fishing vlog
BAHAST Kurd 24 dagar sedan
You need lait bar in raptor and wrangler
Trent Fettig
Trent Fettig 24 dagar sedan
No way that beef stick didn't make brand new metal mouth teeth hurt like hell. Smoothies for days...
TT Innovations
TT Innovations 24 dagar sedan
( in California, the labor would be 3X your estimate(s) if not more, I have a 1987 Toyota pickup 4x4, and they wanted $10K just to sand, prime, paint the whole truck and that a tiny truck)
Life with Lilah Marie
Life with Lilah Marie 24 dagar sedan
Always a good video, but I'm a mopar guy, fix 1 of them again
James Meehan
James Meehan 24 dagar sedan
What would y'all take for the police charger you built awhile back ? I didn't know yous sell the builds but when y'all said you might just sell this one if the price is right figured I'd ask because for some reason I've always loved that car . If the price is right I'll definitely buy it. And do they come with a regular title or is it considered a reconditioned title consider y'al but these with totaled title ?
James Meehan
James Meehan 24 dagar sedan
I don't think you have wore anything but them crocks right there since xmas time 😂 they are comfortable, I got a pair right before xmas and I wear them anytime I can get away with just them on.
James Meehan
James Meehan 24 dagar sedan
The bank and forth commentary y'all do in these videos is the best and funny as heck. Your builds with all that back and forth is better then any shows that are out there that are like this. I'm surprised no channels have came to y'all offering yous a show. If they do don't do it stay right here they will ruin y'all. The thing I like the most I can let my kids watch and don't have to worry about any of the content y'all talking about because ya keep it wholesome. Keep up the great work.
James Meehan
James Meehan 24 dagar sedan
On the passenger side between the door windows them plastic black pieces looked like they still have some pretty big scratches
Steve Uhlman
Steve Uhlman 25 dagar sedan
I can actually see on video that the paint seriously needs to be cut and buffed. The entire passenger side looks hazed out and peely
Sunil Neglur
Sunil Neglur 25 dagar sedan
What was the cost for paint ?
Joe Loftis
Joe Loftis 25 dagar sedan
That farm with the truck and the blue sky in the background looks like it should be a Ford commercial
Toby Jacob
Toby Jacob 25 dagar sedan
Awesome run down as always! Go ‘Goonsquad’🤙🏻👏
Z.E.U.S PRODUCTION 25 dagar sedan
build Nissan gtr r34
Damien Mielcarek
Damien Mielcarek 25 dagar sedan
$75k for a salvaged title truck should lay off the pipe some
John Lester Gino
John Lester Gino 25 dagar sedan
That's a Huracan EVO RWD
David Farias
David Farias 25 dagar sedan
I always look forward to the start and finish of your builds,
Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas 25 dagar sedan
Nice job lads looking forward to the next one. I like your ending vid on travelling around the state to discuss the costs of the build. Your tourism authority should plug into you guys and let you have access to the top tourism spots you could do such a lot with your following to promote. Keep it up
Psycho Billy
Psycho Billy 25 dagar sedan
If u triple the price of the labor u have what it would cost in Oklahoma. And it’s about 14k to 25k to fully paint a truck.
Sterling Stauffer
Sterling Stauffer 25 dagar sedan
I hate being late for an upload😡☹️
Mir Salahuddin Ahmed Suhrid
Are you going to sell this 50000$
Abdul Tahir Jamil
Abdul Tahir Jamil 25 dagar sedan
What about some classic beast car build??
PapaBear_ NATION
PapaBear_ NATION 25 dagar sedan
Daaaannng son truck give away #1 😂😂😂
Henk Olivier
Henk Olivier 25 dagar sedan
Dangsun that braces have the some effect as moonshine
paul h
paul h 25 dagar sedan
Love watching you guys work hard, please I know you probably been asked lots but what ever happened to the Doberman puppy, love the dogs
Lamborghini Lamborghini
Would love to see the Huracan rebuilt but y’all have already done a huracan. You should spring for an Aventador!! 💯
CRAZY COOL CHANNEL 25 dagar sedan
Yes sir dude! The raptor looks stunning 👍 How many cars do you have for sale? Where do you advertise them?
Jamie Gore
Jamie Gore 25 dagar sedan
Think that 75k price might be a little high they listed on CarMax for mid 60s ...it don't matter how good of a job you did on a rebuild when it comes down to it it still has a Salvaged or Rebuilt title and in the lenders eyes that knocks a big chunk off the value I've been told they knock bout a third off value so that would put you down in bout the 50k range if your lucky... actually just looked it up and they say it knocks off 25 to 40 percent of the value ...so at that rate might be lucky get 40k out of it...good luck
Jonathan Vieira
Jonathan Vieira 25 dagar sedan
Power wagon!
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 25 dagar sedan
Maybe $20k in labor with paint and bodywork 😂 The videos makes it worth the build not the money spent .
TheCamaro5 25 dagar sedan
61k in that truck and is has a salvage title. maybe only be worth 39-40k. But the money you make on youtube more than pays for it.
Ryan McCarthy
Ryan McCarthy 25 dagar sedan
this raptor was a cake walk compares to that track hawk rebuild, oof.
matt richards
matt richards 25 dagar sedan
You definitely need to buy that Evo... 1 Lamborghini each!
Jason Swift
Jason Swift 25 dagar sedan
As i keep saying you still need to sell about 2/3 of the fleet of your other cars to pay for new builds and all that other stuff you have bought like the skidsteer, the excavator the house renovations etc.
Reece Mccann
Reece Mccann 25 dagar sedan
Can you eventually get a McLaren 720s
Lance Opperude
Lance Opperude 25 dagar sedan
What about the salvaged title? Is there a way to change that?
John Stedman
John Stedman 25 dagar sedan
There certainly is, but it needs a lot of bureaucratic and practical work. First, the vehicle has to be completely repaired, paying particular attention to all the safety systems, the integrity of the structure, and the quality of all the restoration work. Then the Raptor has to be taken for a State Inspection, which will be very thorough. If it passes, the truck can then be Registered, a Licence Plate issued, and then be Insured for Road Use. A new 'Rebuilt Title' will then be awarded. That is as far as it goes, because a written off vehicle can never regain a 'Clear Title'
Darwin Escobar
Darwin Escobar 25 dagar sedan
Buen video saludos desde Ecuador
Chelsea Hunt
Chelsea Hunt 25 dagar sedan
Mike Shanks
Mike Shanks 25 dagar sedan
Straight teeth are priceless
AFIF B 26 dagar sedan
Please make a epic build videos of a classic cars! Mercedes W126! BMW E23! Jaguar XJ40!
GR8Gamblor 26 dagar sedan
Round up the labor to $10,0000 for shop supervisor Thomas. His time is valuable.
Christian 26 dagar sedan
No shot labor would only be 7500, you guys under shot that by at-least 5,000
Moses Kuchingale
Moses Kuchingale 26 dagar sedan
get yourself an evo guys
Neil Human
Neil Human 26 dagar sedan
Swop your Huracan for the Evo Huracan build. Still have the. 370z and the kit car?. Built some shelter for builds Please
Nic Moyers
Nic Moyers 26 dagar sedan
If you can find a legitimate garage that will fix that truck for 7-8k in labor I’ll name my first born child Raptor.
يونس ابونتالي نتالي
Quinton Scott
Quinton Scott 26 dagar sedan
And give it a better look
Quinton Scott
Quinton Scott 26 dagar sedan
You should get Line X on the truck to protect it.
Reid Scoones
Reid Scoones 26 dagar sedan
💀me waiting for the boys to build something old school
Blue 26 dagar sedan
Massive respect for always being honest and yalls work ethic.
Andrew spoto
Andrew spoto 26 dagar sedan
You guys do nice work....
Jonas Mous
Jonas Mous 26 dagar sedan
I like how they don't lie about sponsorships, if it's free it's free
Javier Cano
Javier Cano 26 dagar sedan
Don’t sell the Raptor keep it As a Off road vehicle
Scott Rankin
Scott Rankin 26 dagar sedan
Yep go the Huracan build
Daniel Carstairs
Daniel Carstairs 26 dagar sedan
you guys seem a little awkward talking about it, don't! You guys have deserve and should be proud to be where you are!
Joshua Fernando
Joshua Fernando 26 dagar sedan
Is the resale price gonna be the same with a clean title and a wrecked title vehicle ? Asking out of curiosity . Thanks
John Stedman
John Stedman 26 dagar sedan
No, the retail market value of a vehicle with a 'Clean Title' and a balance of the Manufacturer's Warranty will always be significantly higher than the value with a 'Rebuilt Title', partly because a much smaller number of potential buyers exists for cars or trucks that have had a serious accident in their viewable history, and also due to doubts about whether all the repairs were done to a thorough and professional standard in every respect. If a 'Salvage Title' applies (as in the case of the Raptor Goonzquad purchased) the market value is further diminished, since there will be considerable doubt about the true extent of repairs necessary and whether the vehicle can viably be restored to a roadworthy condition. For a typical buyer this is a largely unquantifiable risk, and although many SElosk Content Creators make money by implying that the process is straightforward, the truth is usually otherwise.
Lucas 26 dagar sedan
That Evos interior is by the far the nicest I’ve ever seen on a sports car.
NEITZCHE 26 dagar sedan
Needs the black decals on the hood... looked so much nicer, add a wind deflector... sweet.
SWEET SAVAGE 26 dagar sedan
Guys I want to see the boat finished!
Leon Allen
Leon Allen 26 dagar sedan
Lamborghini.... yes. Yes. Yes.
Majk x Ledri Vula - Marr
Majk x Ledri Vula - Marr
TWICE "Alcohol-Free" M/V
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