Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 9 

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We are getting so close to painting this entire truck!!! This 2019 Ford raptor is already starting to come together so quick and we couldn't be happier with how's its turning out. We basically finished up the rest of the bodywork and all thats left is a bunch of sanding. Here soon were going to start getting everything ready for the paint booth and before you know it, it'll all be painted! Then its time for some mods!!! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!

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22 apr 2021



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Darrin Ray
Darrin Ray 5 dagar sedan
Great video boys, love the family content! Great work 👍💯
梵太歲 14 dagar sedan
Locksmith Tools
Locksmith Tools 16 dagar sedan
enter code for access 3350!! I will go to you :)
NFS Heat Short Clips
NFS Heat Short Clips 22 dagar sedan
Anybody else notice the bed thing for the Gladiator on the forklift??
Editea 23 dagar sedan
Yes sir dude
Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson 23 dagar sedan
Can someone please explain to me what an "early start late in the day" means?
primalfury2011 27 dagar sedan
4:24 ooh how i missed you !!!! love that house!!!
don earl
don earl 28 dagar sedan
MegaDirtyberty 29 dagar sedan
You're velcome
christopher young
christopher young Månad sedan
Save me some food yall...save me sum
ALGUTUBE1 Månad sedan
Hi, my name is Armand, I’m watching your videos from South Africa. I’m almost 8 years old. When will you be working on the house again and working on cars from there?
83flumy Månad sedan
milioners and filming with a handy . deep deep story.
Adrian Teodor
Adrian Teodor Månad sedan
You're mom is east european for sure.
Alexis Starsmith
Alexis Starsmith Månad sedan
Next time you have a hidden pocket like your A pillar situation - small as one can, either cut 3 sides of a square/rectangle or drill an access hole from the back side. Now use hardened PDR tools to push the metal back out then weld the access hole shut.
Chris Laughren
Chris Laughren Månad sedan
🇨🇦 Wake me when that 🚁 takes centre stage. ✌️
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Månad sedan
Nicee 😊 this is super duper epic the look of the truck and everything is super cool honestly can’t stop watching your just amazing the way in which you do things. 😍😏
Cisco Mkd
Cisco Mkd Månad sedan
I still cant understand the need of garage door in living/sitting room. Bi-fold doors are much better looking and nice solution with no overhead rails throughout the room.
John Paquin
John Paquin Månad sedan
so this is going to be your gay room
John Paquin
John Paquin Månad sedan
do you like doing it in the but you look like the type to me
John Paquin
John Paquin Månad sedan
this is a junk ford product that being it should have just been junked out to start with also if you p spent even more than 1c or 1 cent on it thats more than its worth
Horacio Salazar
Horacio Salazar Månad sedan
This guys are the epic. I hear about 20 to 30 times epic.
Patrick Carr
Patrick Carr Månad sedan
so are you not building your new commercial building? Because now you're saying that you're building a 5 bay garage where you can start working on cars?
t rob
t rob Månad sedan
love your little sister trying to plug your shirts truck looking better
Tray Savage
Tray Savage Månad sedan
Can somebody explain the early start late in the day phrase? 🤣
Jonathan Vieira
Jonathan Vieira Månad sedan
12:22 nice merch plug
Shaffeez Mohammed
Shaffeez Mohammed Månad sedan
Whos got d name of dat first song
K Brown
K Brown Månad sedan
More Meaner! lol 😆 11:45
Bad Harry's Hideaway
You need to put in the screen door that comes down when the garage door is open to keep bugs and critters out
MrThe1Badman Månad sedan
May want to change the garage door code because you can see it off the reflection of the window when you typed it in.
Mihai Edward
Mihai Edward Månad sedan
11:56 shes soo cutee🤗🤗
matteo bazzan
matteo bazzan Månad sedan
se un giorno verrete in italia vi farò assaggiare io la mortadella Bolognese vera !!
TruGloBoyz Månad sedan
Put a pool table in the room
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez Månad sedan
This is my first time(missed some episodes on this truck) watching in "super H.D + H.D and I was able to see ants moving along in between those rocks on the ground gotta get used to the new cameras I'm guessing!!!
Dave B
Dave B Månad sedan
Hydro dip that scoop in a carbon fiber pattern. Also, those stripes would look great in carbon fiber. Keep up the awesome work!!!
Javier Gutierrez
Javier Gutierrez Månad sedan
Excellent work
Javier Gutierrez
Javier Gutierrez Månad sedan
boys. Buy a Tesla?
Michael Duus
Michael Duus Månad sedan
Change the code. Reflex in the glass
DriftShepard Månad sedan
What’s happen with the helicopter
Mundane Man
Mundane Man Månad sedan
Your energy and excitement is contagious!
Pieter allen Master Blue
What happened to the other garage you were building?
snap shot
snap shot Månad sedan
hey guys don't for get the passenger headlight scratches
DragonArmor12 Månad sedan
You should make flanel shirts for your merch store
Kula Hawaii
Kula Hawaii Månad sedan
Looking good so far...
Steven Davis
Steven Davis Månad sedan
You boys are killing me. No safety rails on the steps or the storage loft? I gotta tell ya it's painful to everyone if one of you or the kid's even your dad were to fall. Your conscience will tare you up. All the money you fella's spend please show your viewers how to build a cheap safety rail. Hell if you build it I'll pay for it. As a interior trim carpenter I've heard horror stories about people falling always by accident. I'm begging you. Peace
CM Storm Chaser
CM Storm Chaser Månad sedan
15:47 and 16:01, love that you have a bible verse there in the background. "Come all to me who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." -Matthew 11:28
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot Månad sedan
Great work Guys.
Carolyn Foster
Carolyn Foster Månad sedan
MD BD Månad sedan
Guys you need to start selling cars for space
Shawn W
Shawn W Månad sedan
I thought she was some sort of weird floating blonde billboard! So relieved!: ;)
356 Speedster
356 Speedster Månad sedan
What happened to that blowup paint both?
iReactionz94 Månad sedan
Not sure guys.. But i would change the security number of the garage since you can see them in the reflection of the glass put in the code at 06:36 just saying!
Christian Magnusson
Christian Magnusson Månad sedan
how is't goning with the new goonzquad garage, I want to see more of you guys building house's and garage
Zac Jenkins
Zac Jenkins Månad sedan
11:55 I liked the merch plug in the video lol. Awesome job guys
Zwaggy K!ng
Zwaggy K!ng Månad sedan
Carbon hydrodip the scoop/parts just for looks
Andrea Marzolla
Andrea Marzolla Månad sedan
you are very good I follow you from Italy
Greg Laing
Greg Laing Månad sedan
What would be cool is if you restore your dads boat
mr. vader and luigiboi63 - poly sonic rp and more
what happened to custom supercar build?
Mike Troiano
Mike Troiano Månad sedan
Don't forget to add a zip tie to the garage door at the new house. That will prevent someone from popping open the door from the outside. It goes on the latch near the emergency release.
Flint Gaming
Flint Gaming Månad sedan
Bro you could literally start a car rental business with the amount of cars you guys have
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
As the Royalty Exotics SElosk channel has regularly proven, upmarket car hire is a highly stressful and unpredictable business even in a high roller town such as Las Vegas. The management issues, constant barrage of problems, misuse of vehicles and regular conflict with disingenuous customers all combine to ensure financial chaos and a ticket to an early grave. Making a profit in car rentals is a nightmare, even for someone with the contacts, wealth and status of Ed Bolian. Now in the sixth year of evolving their Brand, Goonquad appear to be taking an intelligent path by steadily and intelligently diversifying their blend of 'family centred' projects which fit their demographic profile well, and although they will definitely be seeking viewers with higher disposable incomes so that SElosk will be inspired to offer more lucrative advertising deals, Simeon and Eleazar need to keep a clear head and focus on the realities of their location, abilities and marketplace.
sl production
sl production Månad sedan
Wow 2Years already since I’ve been watching this channel
Dale Hovland
Dale Hovland Månad sedan
Might look good doing a 1969 mach 1 blacked out hood treatment
Jose c penate mejia
Jose c penate mejia Månad sedan
I haven't seen him
Jose c penate mejia
Jose c penate mejia Månad sedan
Hey guys where is the little puppy shepherd
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
Goonzquad have two adult German Shepherd dogs ('Max' and 'Buddy') but no puppies of that breed. They did acquire a Doberman Pinscher puppy ('Chief') a year ago, and although that dog is still with the family, and was briefly seen in two videos recently, it is currently not appearing as a 'regular character' on the Channel.
Coleson Hampton
Coleson Hampton Månad sedan
Anybody else kinda want a tour of moms house?
firm glint
firm glint Månad sedan
Try and rebuild demolition Matt’s raptor after whistlin gets done with it
J J Månad sedan
Uses a machete to cut the bologna...epic
Max Gardina
Max Gardina Månad sedan
How exactly does one "get an early start late in the day"?...
Laura L. John
Laura L. John Månad sedan
Such a beautiful view, thank you for sharing. So happy for you guys. Please keep us updated. Can't wait to see what you do next. Love ya ❤😘
Hands Over Eyes
Hands Over Eyes Månad sedan
Danielle Beaudoin
Danielle Beaudoin Månad sedan
Does anyone know what happened to their Doberman pup? Seen in a couple of videos but never again 🤔
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
Their Doberman Pinscher named 'Chief' was featured in several Goonzquad videos made in summer 2020. Although the dog did appear very briefly in the background of two episodes filmed at the 'HQ House' in March 2021, it is no longer regularly featured as a regular character on the Channel.
Célio Alcides
Célio Alcides Månad sedan
Já está ficando sem graça seus vídeos manos
J McIntire
J McIntire Månad sedan
Can you guys speak without waving your arms around?
Filip Wennergren
Filip Wennergren Månad sedan
In Sweden carbon fake or look I like is totally out. So 2016!
G00R00 Månad sedan
procharger, train horn, cold intake, ..
Timothy Jannsen
Timothy Jannsen Månad sedan
id legit love to be your guys friends just my kind of people even without the fame and cars id just love to have good company
Robert Juberg
Robert Juberg Månad sedan
Hey guys when you took lunch break with your moms cooking the potatoes and meat dish looked awesome.
Justin Martinez
Justin Martinez Månad sedan
Was going to order that hoodie today, but it was sold out 🥺 gotta wait till the next drop 😎
Cam Månad sedan
Hey bro do you think it is cheaper to build a Trackhawk or srt from a Nero grand Cherokee or buy it in full from the dealership?
Tatenda Mudzviti
Tatenda Mudzviti Månad sedan
Loving the new soundtracks (too bad I can't shazam). Great video editing.
Patrick Mortimer
Patrick Mortimer Månad sedan
No stickers on the hood and color match the plastic peace ?
Fingerstyle tab
Fingerstyle tab Månad sedan
i miss your cat.how is he doing
Fingerstyle tab
Fingerstyle tab Månad sedan
@John Stedman 😅yeah.maybe goonsquad have seen my comment yesterday.that why thomas show up😅
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
@Fingerstyle tab 😺Check out Thomas in his starring role in the episode which dropped today!
Fingerstyle tab
Fingerstyle tab Månad sedan
@John Stedman thank you.happy to hear that
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
Thomas the Technician has been seen in several of the recent videos of the Raptor Project. He is still living at the 'Original Goonzquad' location in Rossville, Georgia.
Sawyer J
Sawyer J Månad sedan
Ngl thought the Garage door guy was whistlein diesel for a second
D Clark
D Clark Månad sedan
Garage Door really . So the room is a Garage . Should of done retractable slider doors eliminating the garage into a living area. official feel and look.
Lee Avison
Lee Avison Månad sedan
love big time
Liza Corona
Liza Corona Månad sedan
Baby girl sooo cute ☺️ I’ll take one same color. Great summer color..🥰
Mike Wiley
Mike Wiley Månad sedan
I like the clean look. Stickers don't belong on beautiful paint. Maybe paint the black on and show us your striping skillz!
John Edzon
John Edzon Månad sedan
11:55 goonzquad represent!!!
Juan C
Juan C Månad sedan
Shoutout mom!!
Hess Månad sedan
Moms always cooking some delicious stuff
David S.
David S. Månad sedan
Love the new garage door. So are you going to sell the Raptor or just add it to the fleet?
Samuel Cabrera
Samuel Cabrera Månad sedan
You should put tint on the windows of the garage door
E7ROR Månad sedan
I personally think the decals on the hood are ugly, all clean with out decals in my opinion looks a lot better
Darrell Willburn
Darrell Willburn Månad sedan
Would like to try some of the food your mom makes. Every time I see y’all eating it makes me hungry. It looks dang good !
Alejandro Mijares
Alejandro Mijares Månad sedan
The Audi A7 it was supposed to be for your sister, right? That is what you mentioned in previous video when you receive the Audi
Richard Schreiber
Richard Schreiber Månad sedan
Early start late in the day, what the?
Dennis 24
Dennis 24 Månad sedan
Try some headlight restoration kit for the windshield
Sohail Soeltan
Sohail Soeltan Månad sedan
The supra just sitting there just collecting dust 😌
Robert Prout
Robert Prout Månad sedan
Spray bottle window cleaner works as a great preclean as it has alcohol which removes grease and wax with plenty of work time. Also it's inexpensive and I've never had a fisheye problems using it. How are you going to repair the right lower portion of the header panel ? 👍 yesireebob
S . L . R . Z . R . 1
16:06 ‘mom says ‘what is he doing
Die Beats
Die Beats Månad sedan
The agriculture lol. The raw first take commentary is the best part of your vids, cracks me up.
Majk x Ledri Vula - Marr
Majk x Ledri Vula - Marr