Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 16 

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The raptor is getting so close to being finished!!! We finally got all of the repairs taken care of and now all thats left is slapping on some upgrades. We had to throw on a sweet rear bumper to match the front bumper and now thats left to install is the led lights. Also we decided to level this sucker out and man it looks good! Cant wait to show y'all what else we have planned! Thanks For Watching!!!

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9 maj 2021



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Charles Eballa
Charles Eballa 6 dagar sedan
Quad exhaust Audi 7 made by armytrix
Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley 8 dagar sedan
Wasn’t that Audi for y’all’s sister?
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 12 dagar sedan
I don't think sister likes the sound so loud, I suggest to install a sound reducer
samuel bélanger
samuel bélanger 19 dagar sedan
Whats the name of the music ?
The vigilante
The vigilante 20 dagar sedan
Loving tha audi new sound
ROACH 20 dagar sedan
Song at 12 min?
B6jfkmx 22 dagar sedan
that A7 looks better without the blue tips
B6jfkmx 22 dagar sedan
new music @10:20 makes me feel like I'm watching a '80's movie
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 22 dagar sedan
Better than oem the puc risers to level out the suspension wow that looks mean everything about this truck is right you did good 🤤 wow sickkkkkkkk and a nod of approval from me
Jaylen Cutkelvin
Jaylen Cutkelvin 22 dagar sedan
you guys should do a bmw
Millstone Colognes
Millstone Colognes 22 dagar sedan
Yo what's that under Billy's mouth?
OlimpioRikGame 23 dagar sedan
please add a caption, I’m Brazilian I would like to understand what they say
GTX Bro Gaming 2.0
GTX Bro Gaming 2.0 23 dagar sedan
the audi a7 sounds like the gtr
Bacon__ SteezBurger
Bacon__ SteezBurger 24 dagar sedan
I was told to take a shot every time they said “dude”. I’m 5:14 in, my bottle of crown maple is empty, and I’m online picking out a casket because I’m dead from alcohol poisoning now ☠️🤙🏼 For real though, dude I’ve wanted a raptor for sooooo long 😢 one of those trucks that’ll always be just out of reach for me. Seeing y’all hyped building it and doing exactly the same things I would, it makes me stoked af for yall 🙌🏼 I bet that feeling of building one and having, IMO, the best body style, and the best color (well your blue, and the Pearl black 😍🤤) it has to feel so awesome dude Stay awesome 🤙🏼
Veer Virk
Veer Virk 25 dagar sedan
How much did that exhaust cost?
Antonio 25 dagar sedan
Goonzquad can you rebuild a hellcat Durango? I've seen 2 already in copart.
Bradon Zweng
Bradon Zweng 25 dagar sedan
the raptors max towing capacity is 8,000 pounds
Car beast SM
Car beast SM 25 dagar sedan
Car beast SM
Car beast SM 25 dagar sedan
Václav Horníček
Václav Horníček 25 dagar sedan
''We don't have a supercharged V6 car.'' The gladiator: 🤔😳
don earl
don earl 26 dagar sedan
Jtmacx8 27 dagar sedan
Have a look at the superchips bluefin tune
nautykutah 27 dagar sedan
Not going to lie seeing the scrap yard reminds me of your roots you should do one again
Rettungsdackel 28 dagar sedan
19:09 That doesn't look sick. That just looks stupid. And sounds like a lawn mower Poor Car
patrick darrough
patrick darrough 29 dagar sedan
i recommend to keep going to junk year u can see and buy if the yard has it goond
kamel 7abaieb
kamel 7abaieb 29 dagar sedan
Its saying 3.0T ... T -> turbo "TFSI" how its supercharged?! Im confused...😅
Ignacio Castillo
Ignacio Castillo 29 dagar sedan
10:50 “Carolina squat”😂😂
B Patel
B Patel Månad sedan
So raptor is going to be everyday truck what about gmc truck are you guys keeping it or gonna sell?
Muhammad Hamad
Muhammad Hamad Månad sedan
Anybody noticed a new build covered in the reflection of the Raptor in the opening sequence?
Payten Harrison
Payten Harrison Månad sedan
Y’all should color match the shekels with the truck
chris mosca
chris mosca Månad sedan
Dam son I really wanted that bottle opener I got to wait for more to come
Cannon Wagner
Cannon Wagner Månad sedan
Okay so I love ford but every one asked themselves why didn't they full send on the helicopter???
Sterling Stauffer
Sterling Stauffer Månad sedan
I was duuuude when they walked through that junkyard. I remember seeing the video where they walked through it looking for parts for the hellcat back when they were rebuilding it.
Jesse Gautreau
Jesse Gautreau Månad sedan
Maybe look into a pedal monster
Mark Farmer
Mark Farmer Månad sedan
Please rescue that Hummer H3 Alpha at the salvage yard! Please!
Pickles Månad sedan
Yeah, not feeling the exhaust in looks or sound :/ First time I'd say that on one of your builds. Titanium tips are blegh and it literally sounds like a trumpet.
de Caci
de Caci Månad sedan
Wow, wow, wow. That AUDI is just getting better everyday. It thrills me to see what you're doing to that machine. I've had a 1.9 Tdi engine van with 130 hp and I've never seen anything like it. That A7 V6 should be even more spectacular. Keep up boys. Huge huge hugs from Lisbon Portugal.
VraelFreorhe Månad sedan
My good people, audi sounds great. All their engines. Particularly the 4.2l v8 and OFF COURSE the 2.2 or 2.5l in-line five turbo.
larry rothrock
larry rothrock Månad sedan
Hoping you guys are going to take Tomas the technician over to the new shop for an occasional appearance now and then
larry rothrock
larry rothrock Månad sedan
Thomas LoL
Carlos Nuñez
Carlos Nuñez Månad sedan
Audi ❤️
Calvin Teoh
Calvin Teoh Månad sedan
Does anyone know what is the song name in 17:27 ?
Lhey Motovlog
Lhey Motovlog Månad sedan
The Raptor looks more aggressive now.,
Done Messed up
Done Messed up Månad sedan
Lol sounds like my V6 Camaro with a muffler delete except mine is a little deeper
ethan5610 Månad sedan
8k pounds towing
Henry Funez
Henry Funez Månad sedan
Do you guys ever sell the cars you guys fix
K V Månad sedan
K_loor93 _
K_loor93 _ Månad sedan
Try and look at unitronic they have tunes !
City News Beat
City News Beat Månad sedan
Raptor looks good guys. Audi... terribly disappointing. You seem to have missed the point of the German Engineering by turning it into every other 16 year old's Honda.
eury marte
eury marte Månad sedan
Eric LaBonte
Eric LaBonte Månad sedan
AWE tuning makes software for the stage 1 tune
Dennis Tucker
Dennis Tucker Månad sedan
We need updates on the helicopter please
George196207 Månad sedan
Tailgate dampener on the top end models only fits the raptor about $60
Pentti K. Huttunen
Pentti K. Huttunen Månad sedan
Audi sounds bad, its like a nissan micra
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez Månad sedan
You should check out @sheepeyrace for the tune
Marissa Smit
Marissa Smit Månad sedan
The Audi A7 is way less aggressive then then the rs7 you guys should look into the rs7 or the rs6. Those cars are way sicker I’m from Holland and follow a SElosk who has a rs6 and that car is more known for being fast then the a7 the a7 is like a basic car and the rs7 way more aggressive cause the things you do on this car is like bassicly the stock rs7 sound
Otticus Potticus
Otticus Potticus Månad sedan
With all due respect to your work, the philosophy of the beautifully finished Audi A7 is all about refinement, luxury and ride quality. Now it looks more like a drug dealer's car.
Pices Edits
Pices Edits Månad sedan
Finally back on cars!!!
rgbigdog Månad sedan
The words you are looking for is "Can Tune" and "Bling" for that new cold air intake.
Dark Pro
Dark Pro Månad sedan
I want a series about the helicopter
Steven Schwartz
Steven Schwartz Månad sedan
Need to adjust the tips so they aren't touching the plastic bumper/valance!
Ryan Lindros
Ryan Lindros Månad sedan
Check out APR tuning. Th just flash the ecu and you get instant increase in horsepower and torque.
The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
The old saying goes “ you can’t buy taste” I’m sad to say you guys are proving it with these exhausts, Burnt blue tips on any car is bad nevermind a Audi
EIM2307 Månad sedan
Anyone else missing their house build?
DanishSummerKing Månad sedan
Audi's exhaust was prettier ;) but good sound.
Joshua Elias
Joshua Elias Månad sedan
Have you guys heard of a v6 Honda Accord
Esod Mumixam
Esod Mumixam Månad sedan
Please call Chrisfix to clean the engine bay 😜
Ashton Smith
Ashton Smith Månad sedan
I hate to say it guys, but that exhaust sounds horrible.
Hayden Thomas- Ferner
Where’s the og street kit car?
Raul Bueno
Raul Bueno Månad sedan
And they say they're overbuilt trucks hell now they're not
Glenn Fujimoto
Glenn Fujimoto Månad sedan
They rake the front to improve gas mileage.
Christopher Coleman
Christopher Coleman Månad sedan
Adjust the headlight beam after you level a truck or lift one... Otherwise it will look like your high beams are always on.
eddie castro
eddie castro Månad sedan
Love Dad and love Mom and just love the whole thing
RANDOM things
RANDOM things Månad sedan
Gs 350 f sport next!!!!!!!!!!
David Blalock
David Blalock Månad sedan
One last mod to fix an engineering mistake Ford made. You need to get a 5.2 aluminator, Magnuson supercharger, so that it has the power train that should have been there from the start.
Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel Månad sedan
Daaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg son,wow.
S Ellison
S Ellison Månad sedan
I was really surprised that you didn't use heat on that hitch.
Mit Emluh
Mit Emluh Månad sedan
Sounds good, pretty surprised
Terence Lawrence
Terence Lawrence Månad sedan
Revo software for any vag car
Mark Månad sedan
Hey Goonzquad! Great video! Did you guys already replaced the stearing rod??? I remember in the beginning you need it to bend it back to drive the truck.. this looks not safe to me.. keep safe 🙏
D Ealy
D Ealy Månad sedan
Wouldn't it make more sense to move the helicopter in the bay without the lift so you can use the lift???????
Malachi Raymond
Malachi Raymond Månad sedan
So glad to see y'all back on cars🔥
Bloo57999 Månad sedan
😑 pucks on a raptor
Ivo Momchilov
Ivo Momchilov Månad sedan
What about that red audi?
Agustin Lopez
Agustin Lopez Månad sedan
Ahahaha you guys are hilarious love the content When he said the Audi was hungry 🤤 ahaha
Tianshu D
Tianshu D Månad sedan
Oh. Please dont change the audi A7 exhaust...
Sandra Harper
Sandra Harper Månad sedan
The Audi needs a bath! 😏
870 O.D.
870 O.D. Månad sedan
Whad up Goonz,My opinion on da Audi..U guyz might as well put a bigger supercharger on it to hear da Whine since y'all doin all dat..
Jinay Sanghvi
Jinay Sanghvi Månad sedan
when you renaming the channel "dude"...? 😂 Man just love your builds. Here since the Mustang build.
Quien Vive
Quien Vive Månad sedan
Liam Dressel
Liam Dressel Månad sedan
Now you need to completely black out the Audi
Archon Apex
Archon Apex Månad sedan
Take it to Fasterproms for a tune!
connor erick
connor erick Månad sedan
You guys should do a old truck square body
Jake’s Auto Detailing
Wouldnt those bumper lights block that cooler?
Wib Wob
Wib Wob Månad sedan
you guys have to chiptun and popcorntun the audi for it to sound the best
Bill Mahan
Bill Mahan Månad sedan
Hey its probably late but if you use a 3/4 ton front suspension it will be a tight fit but it will bring the front end up and strengthen the front end
Thawatchai Muneejak
Thawatchai Muneejak Månad sedan
jbmbanter Månad sedan
Older guy have to say I miss working on the house. You guys need to build a brother house on the mountain
xp Månad sedan
25:15 "you smell that?" yeah that's burning plastic because your tailpipes don't have any clearance from the bumper cover.
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez Månad sedan
Hey goonsquad sending blessings from L.A. dudes you guys should try out the pedal commander you won't be disappointed that thing will make your lag obsolete i have that on my cars and i love it....funny my gaming tag was goonsquad lol
Gage Ritchey
Gage Ritchey Månad sedan
Sheesshhh that Audi sounds fire!
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