Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 14 

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This 2019 Ford Raptor is starting to look super epic!!! After the paint job we are now able to put this thing completely back together! Of course we like to do it in a special way so we decided to slap on some mods before its all finished and man does this thing look good! Cant wait to show you what we have next!!! Also we have a huge update at the new headquarters and a few other surprises!!! Thanks For Watching!!!

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4 maj 2021



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JRod Inc.
JRod Inc. 3 dagar sedan
Not a Bumper fan, RPG is the way Boys!!!
Brett Broussard
Brett Broussard 3 dagar sedan
Yall need to callab with itsjusta6
330hpSTI 5 dagar sedan
The mustang really need some brakes and please get rid of those ugly caliper covers
Adam B
Adam B 8 dagar sedan
I absolutely love your Ford Mustang 💕🐎. It's so beautiful ❤️
Adam B
Adam B 8 dagar sedan
Out of all your cars, I wish I had the 5.0 supercharger Mustang and the Ford F-150 Raptor
Juan Moya
Juan Moya 10 dagar sedan
y’all should rebuild a cammed car or cam a rebuild
Israel Guzman
Israel Guzman 10 dagar sedan
It’s nose diving for a reason. So when you do a jump it stays straight like a Baja truck
Charles Eballa
Charles Eballa 16 dagar sedan
matt drabenstotm@yahoo.com
Chrome wheels!
Marone k
Marone k 22 dagar sedan
11;00 name of the song please
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 22 dagar sedan
Wow that drift dangggggg that was dope and now Thomas is living in the bumper 👌 he gives the car extra boost 😍❤️ and ripping the can am and love seeing the family in every video aweosme.
Khalifa Alnuaimi
Khalifa Alnuaimi 23 dagar sedan
mustang pls
5speed_ram 23 dagar sedan
Drag pack on the mustang 🤝
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 24 dagar sedan
That mustang cold start doh 🔥🔥🔥🔥 sheesh
Matt Dubbsz
Matt Dubbsz 24 dagar sedan
That mustang needs to be the official Goonzsquad car
RBK Money
RBK Money 24 dagar sedan
How much for the charger
Greg Cavanaugh
Greg Cavanaugh 26 dagar sedan
never showed the couch.
Nathan V
Nathan V Månad sedan
I always couldn't tell which #Goonzquad brother was Simon, and which was Eliazor. Naturally the first thing you draw in the dirt on a vehicle is your first initial. The one brother with the blond hair wrote S in the dirt on the Mustang which makes me think the Blond one is Simon, and the Brown haired must be Eliazor. I know it is just speculation, but I thought it was kind of cool.
Cristian Martinez
Cristian Martinez Månad sedan
Yesssss bring back the mustang build !!!!
Gamaliel Hernandez
Gamaliel Hernandez Månad sedan
Was never a fan of the hood on Freedom...that’s probably the one thing I would change, visually that is. Good idea on getting new brakes lol
SpeedyMaGicXz Månad sedan
Hey guys love the videos keep it up just a quick question I really don't want this to sounds rude so apologise if it's not worded correctly but what's your dad's ethnic background when I speaks I get s hint of Russian in his voice ? Really not trying to offend keep up the great videos
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Månad sedan
You should paint the mustang in the rapture paint
benazzi84 Månad sedan
Chris Hofmann
Chris Hofmann Månad sedan
U should get bronze or gold wheels on the mustang it would look really nice on that blue
Johnny Little
Johnny Little Månad sedan
that green ?
Incredible Rob
Incredible Rob Månad sedan
Bring back the mustang build!
Jeremiah Fedorchuk
Jeremiah Fedorchuk Månad sedan
Do videos of the Mustang
Joey Velez
Joey Velez Månad sedan
Looked like a chopped cheese, a Brooklyn bodega specialty!
Nathan Helton
Nathan Helton Månad sedan
The red s2000 forsale??
Steven Schwartz
Steven Schwartz Månad sedan
Definitely need some in door storage!
tejotte Månad sedan
Barszcz ♥️
Sterling Stauffer
Sterling Stauffer Månad sedan
Simeon: "I don't care what you do with your truck you can lean it back and look up at the sky if you want." Me: "Whistlindiesel😂"
Clarence Meteus
Clarence Meteus Månad sedan
Lmao I was thinking that too
Take Down
Take Down Månad sedan
Poor Stang needed a good bath. Hasn't been that long has it? 18 months / 2 yrs?? - WOW 2018, I've been watching Goonz for over 4 years SHIZZLE time flies when your having fun. Content rockstars😁🤙🤟
Sat Sonic
Sat Sonic Månad sedan
More mustang material
Jeroen Bogaert
Jeroen Bogaert Månad sedan
You should put a cover on the garage floor when you play darts. It would be a shame if you damage it.
Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey Månad sedan
Nothing wrong with freshening up finishing old builds. That fits trend of keeping cars / trucks longer and updating them do to current pricing of new ones. Spray mustang with same blue you did on raptor.
Paul de Los Santos
Paul de Los Santos Månad sedan
rays wheels on that thang man
Samuel Berry
Samuel Berry Månad sedan
The Mustang needs some matte black racing stripes. Be cool to see you lay them out and spray them in.
SierMan Månad sedan
Lego4x Månad sedan
I want that red s2k they got laying around😩😩
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez Månad sedan
Yessss upgrade the mustang
Samuel Morales
Samuel Morales Månad sedan
Change the paint color on the mustang!
Samuel Morales
Samuel Morales Månad sedan
Lift the Raptor and swap the wheels out on the mustang!
Nicholas Schmitt
Nicholas Schmitt Månad sedan
Get some Vorsteiner wheels
Nbern Månad sedan
You guys should do a video of showing off all the builds again
Shawnie117 Månad sedan
More mustang upgrades give it some love
Thor Tellefsen
Thor Tellefsen Månad sedan
Hey are you guy going to going to sell the raptor?
Neil Godson
Neil Godson Månad sedan
How much is your f 150
Alfredo Lares
Alfredo Lares Månad sedan
The Mustang needs some love
El Pibe
El Pibe Månad sedan
Chupacabras The Legend
Do a giveaway, every purchase people spend let's say $10 put in 5 entries
Orlando Roberts
Orlando Roberts Månad sedan
Car covers Bro
Skippy roo
Skippy roo Månad sedan
Get a load of car covers for fuck sake !!!!!
native scrubb
native scrubb Månad sedan
Paint the mustang a new color 🔥 ⚫️
Eatongee Månad sedan
21:44 For sure need to paint those hinges on the inside of the garage door.
Yash Kotian
Yash Kotian Månad sedan
I think yall should go satin black 🖤 with some chrome rose gold accents on that og mustang
Matti Virta
Matti Virta Månad sedan
if boys not know, only totally idiot play golf smart good men not ewer play shit golf.
Chashi Bbuku
Chashi Bbuku Månad sedan
Don't sale the mustang
Jack Dayao
Jack Dayao Månad sedan
I wish i could have that raptor when im done in school
François Månad sedan
Mustang my dream car. I want mode Movies about the Mustang. +++++
Cowboys Månad sedan
How much for the chevy camaro zl1
Shane Hurenkamp
Shane Hurenkamp Månad sedan
Don't level it because when you carry a load it's going to sit down and drag it's ass.
Sammy Frank
Sammy Frank Månad sedan
What kind of ATVs is that?
Hxundzz Månad sedan
you guys should do a b roll of each build once it’s done fully would be very sick and get a look at the full build
Bobby gallahorn
Bobby gallahorn Månad sedan
put some Forgies on that mustang😎
Devin McDaniel
Devin McDaniel Månad sedan
I would love to see this car back
Devin McDaniel
Devin McDaniel Månad sedan
I love the house and the way it’s decorated is amazing
Chris Michalak
Chris Michalak Månad sedan
Mustang v2.0
Gaboru Petre
Gaboru Petre Månad sedan
Are you guys half Romanians?
T W Månad sedan
Headquarters " were they live" lol
T W Månad sedan
The paint happen cause yall suck! Lol kids that think they know everything cause they watch SElosk 🤣🤣
Ussiel Vega
Ussiel Vega Månad sedan
Get some KC LIGHTS!!
Ryan Mabee
Ryan Mabee Månad sedan
Do some Weld Racing beadlock wheels and drag radials on that stang son!
Cesar cesar
Cesar cesar Månad sedan
Just the cat in the bumper😂😂
Brandon Tauer
Brandon Tauer Månad sedan
What’s going on with the work shop/shed that you guys bought? I’m really curious
TheCivicfpd Månad sedan
omg dont tell me your mother is from romania lol bors is a dish in Romania
Wayne Glenn
Wayne Glenn Månad sedan
Hey guys y'all always doing a great job on everything y'all do. thanks I enjoy watching the bothers at work. Can't wait for new shop. It will be a great idea to add like a small like apartment office in the new shop for those late nights are just take a nap break for those days not feeling well and have to get it done. Have a private bathroom and shower is a must too. Also since your brother-in-law is a cook. a very nice kitchen would really come in handy when they visit or yall wife's and kids visiting the shop. Also When lunch and dinner breaks times yall can have a full stock kitchen and cook on site. a locker room and shower for your guests technician welder and shop helper will need a place to change clothes. really great to add now then later I'm just thinking about a cool work place away from home Lol 🤔🌮🤗
Bas Boer
Bas Boer Månad sedan
Nice builds, also cars as houses. Hope you guys will put a normal hood on the mustang. Now it looks like a pimp on a nose.
Jesus Becerra
Jesus Becerra Månad sedan
congrats on your dream home guys! not an easy task but a great feat
CLVannoy Månad sedan
Beautiful job guys!! Infinite blessings
ian097GR l
ian097GR l Månad sedan
Music 10:45?
Marko Bogosian
Marko Bogosian Månad sedan
Add a pool table somewhere.. marko@pooltablesrx.com. I’d love to show you guys the process and put it in your channel. You guys are the best thing on SElosk in my opinion. 💯🕺🏻👏
TatayGEMs PUB Månad sedan
That mustang.. dang..
The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
Sell some of the cars rather than letting them rot away. Maybe get some more builds going, love seeing you guys do the builds us mere mortals may be able to afford
Damsport Crew Norway
what is the blue color name on that mustang??
wade_bros123 Månad sedan
13:55 Whistlin Diesel enters
Alek Månad sedan
Do they have Polish origin? They mentioned borscht ( barszcz).
Coyote 5.0
Coyote 5.0 Månad sedan
How much for the mustang gt
Hayden W.
Hayden W. Månad sedan
Does anyone know the song from 10:45 to 12:20?
Mazda Nation_1
Mazda Nation_1 Månad sedan
The mustang needs a spoiler
bodys bye Blinn
bodys bye Blinn Månad sedan
How much for mustang please can I bye the way it is
J Graham
J Graham Månad sedan
Carolina Squat looks like a "full diaper"! Plum goofy!!!
Craig Campbell
Craig Campbell Månad sedan
I’d put an outlet behind the tv so you don’t see the cord. And a love seat to the left of the couch so you can sit facing that giant view instead of the tv when you want to. I love everything you’ve picked out so far. Looks great.
Andy Månad sedan
now, it's adaptive cat control....
Moms Kitchen
Moms Kitchen Månad sedan
This one is a keeper! Beef it up bros
Lascony Tathy Pascal Yves
So good to see that the house is done. You did great guys. Looking forward to see the mods on the ford raptor
Trevor Brantley
Trevor Brantley Månad sedan
Build a putting green for the house! Would look so awesome and very functional!
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton Månad sedan
This is my favorite car y’all have built and I’m not a Ford guy at all
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton Månad sedan
A damn shame letting those cars sit their like that. Drive those things man
Shane Williams
Shane Williams Månad sedan
Y’all should rebuild a mk4 Supra next
James Ewing
James Ewing Månad sedan
time for Mom cooking show for youtube goonzquad Mom cooker
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visningar 53tn