Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 13 

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Its finally painted!!! We have been waiting for this moment for a long time and now its all done! This paint job went as smooth as it could possibly get and the results are epic. Now we can move onto completely pricing this thing back together and soon after it'll time for mods!!! Cant wait to show you guys what we have planned for this build! Thanks For Watching!!!!

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2 maj 2021



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Adam B
Adam B 8 dagar sedan
I wish I had that 2019 Ford Raptor
Adam B
Adam B 8 dagar sedan
It's funny how Audi dealership wouldn't program your car and keys, you had to get somebody from an outside job. Shame 🙄🤣 on Audi
HOLOFORCE 17 dagar sedan
17:37 music name pls
Bucks RC World
Bucks RC World 20 dagar sedan
best painting video so far!!
watr sheep
watr sheep 21 dag sedan
22:37 Foreshadowing
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 22 dagar sedan
Thomas max and buddy all liked the smell of those ribs 😏 I know I would sure too and wow that Audi now sounds cool little crackle and it’s aweosme how he can make his own software and resetting the car with new key nice now this truck is looking amazing the paint wow it’s sick
Charles Eballa
Charles Eballa 23 dagar sedan
m.ichling 26 dagar sedan
So soon you will fix DENI's Tesla?
MB TECH DAILY 28 dagar sedan
Pleaaase i need the song in 17mins 😔 pls
Dylan Streeter
Dylan Streeter 29 dagar sedan
Y’all should do a giveaway. Sell a ton of merch and giveaway a raptor
Ariel Tapia
Ariel Tapia Månad sedan
Arieltapia6789@gmail.com The only one love and 5.30am no one is ever going to love you for the love of your love is the only one love to play with and you will never
Piotr Kopczyński
Piotr Kopczyński Månad sedan
Just after startup there was typical AUDI valvetrain noise.... Its a sign of used up valvetrain chain sliders and tensioners... It needs to be swaped ASAP or it will snap on you ;-)
CAMD variedades
CAMD variedades Månad sedan
hello i'm brazilian and i follow you guys, and i'm subscribed to the channel for a while and i like everything or almost everything you do and post, here it is not so easy to make a repair or even restore a car as you do, even because everything it is very expensive, even auction cars or seized cars, I like what they do and I am admiring of what they do and how they do it here is my hug and my admiration for the work that the channel presents bye
thomas orwin
thomas orwin Månad sedan
Love you guys! Please do not feed the dogs cooked bones. They can splinter and cause a bowl perforation.
Richard Larsson
Richard Larsson Månad sedan
Love that Audi! It’s gorgeous!
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas Månad sedan
Ok Dennis I see you with the slight drip
El Pibe
El Pibe Månad sedan
Anthony Chopra
Anthony Chopra Månad sedan
i wonder if you could fix up that white Lorry in the background? 25:10
Yash Kotian
Yash Kotian Månad sedan
Man can't believe they started out making random videos of atv's and rebuilding random stuff to their first project the Rubicon and after all that years mans washing a microfiber wash mitt on a a pearl white Lamborghini huracan 😂😂 jokes aside mad respect to yall hardwork pays of yall god bless
Sten Ost
Sten Ost Månad sedan
Is your father (paps) russian??
Danielle White
Danielle White Månad sedan
@19:08 gave me nightmares
Carl Watson
Carl Watson Månad sedan
Is the paint booth at vTuned???!
Hussien Khaled
Hussien Khaled Månad sedan
İ will be allways waiting for the tesla thats will be epic
Pier Wobbler
Pier Wobbler Månad sedan
I love your dad, he' s so genuine and i bet that works at least as hard as y' all!!
tH3_dOuG Månad sedan
You should never give your dogs cooked bones, especially rib bones they can splinter and cause a lot of internal injuries.
Skiridr22 Månad sedan
That blue is popping 👍🏾👍🏾
Skiridr22 Månad sedan
Great Job Denis, any friend of Goonzuad is a friend of mine 👍🏾
rmt400 Månad sedan
Ok stop wearing the same color outfits....you're messing with my head. Love the videos. Keep them coming.
LisbethSalander14 Månad sedan
Also, pop has an accent! Where is he from? I was so expecting a thick southern accent like the boys lol
LisbethSalander14 Månad sedan
Out of curiosity, why don't y'all wear goggles when putting on the clear coat? It looks like it fills the whole booth with the mist
Abdullah Amir
Abdullah Amir Månad sedan
Towel washing on lambo nearly killed me
Luis Paniagua
Luis Paniagua Månad sedan
Y’all really need to buy some dirt control for the booth man...
jonathan andrews
jonathan andrews Månad sedan
yeeee! Silicon Valley Bay Area!!! Audi gruppe Silicon Valley group is big out here check us out
Nazar Vdovenko
Nazar Vdovenko Månad sedan
can you guys buy audi r8
Eric Bierman
Eric Bierman Månad sedan
Great job Denis programming the key to the Audi A7. I’m Glad the Audi A7 is running now thank you very much Denis for taking your time to help them out.
Majed Alageel
Majed Alageel Månad sedan
I’m very excited about the A7 build finally 🔥
Steven Carpenter
Steven Carpenter Månad sedan
The key guy got to try moms food. Man she is always making up some good meals. Y’all need to get her her own cooking SElosk channel
Quien Vive
Quien Vive Månad sedan
Monique Haeberlein
Monique Haeberlein Månad sedan
I love you Thomas 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🐈
ralph milburn
ralph milburn Månad sedan
new framing in the garage
My Two Good Hands
My Two Good Hands Månad sedan
What happened to the portable booth?
Jordan Garrison
Jordan Garrison Månad sedan
Y’all need to build a cart for that filter set up!! Build in a little cart that can hold all your other things!
Shane Cottle
Shane Cottle Månad sedan
*** DAAAANG SON ! *** I love the show ! You two should invite Whistlin Diesel up for an EPIC collab !!!
Yoram Latier
Yoram Latier Månad sedan
Like the fact that you guys are sitting down to have a bite with the guests. Keep up the good work guys
dave mcmanus
dave mcmanus Månad sedan
I won't watch you working on no Teslas.
jibran sohail
jibran sohail Månad sedan
Can anybody guess how many cars in total goonzquad has??
Nick Martin
Nick Martin Månad sedan
Just to let y'all know, giving animals bones from meat that's been cooked, smoked, grilled or whatever is something you really don't want to do. It can splinter in their throats
Kyle Kroschel
Kyle Kroschel Månad sedan
Dude I love the guest just as much as the goonzquad family! They all are happy and positive and keep a good vibe! I have a smile on my face the whole time just wishing I was there helping along! Love the vids guys! Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your hard work!
Jason P
Jason P Månad sedan
Those chains on the Audi tho. Nice little rattle on startup
Thijs Wijnmaalen
Thijs Wijnmaalen Månad sedan
I wonder where this guy is coming from. :O:):? i guess somewhere from Europe.
Don m
Don m Månad sedan
Love seeing the Mustang back should but bigger brembos breaks on it 👊
Kaushik Kashyap
Kaushik Kashyap Månad sedan
What happened to your another dog that you brought after Max?
Life with Lilah Marie
So pretty oohhh so pretty
Andrew Perry
Andrew Perry Månad sedan
That BE WATER he is sipping on is FIRE!!
Jair Ramos
Jair Ramos Månad sedan
Danny Cowart
Danny Cowart Månad sedan
The Tech guy looks like pops . I thought it was your brother LOL
Parsons Gaming
Parsons Gaming Månad sedan
i would not get a wrecked tesla, you cant even work on them yourself without getting into trouble
kefi3 Månad sedan
I wonder if the boys will rebuild A MK4 SUPRA?!🤷‍♂️
Jon Gib
Jon Gib Månad sedan
So happy the car content is back !!!!
Ok Go
Ok Go Månad sedan
Thank God you are back on the cars, you lost me with the house stuff. Can't wait to see the A7 progress👍🇬🇧
Nick Pentimone
Nick Pentimone Månad sedan
Goonzquad x Rich Rebuilds ? Maybe ?
Moey Månad sedan
Which country you father from ?
Mike .R.
Mike .R. Månad sedan
Yo Goony Bros! Request here: Put a weather cam on your roof for live streaming! I notice you're getting some severe weather there this morning. Would be cool to have a livestream link to watch the storms roll in to your place on the mountain there! (+ you could benefit too by watching the place while you're away!)
Alan Mitchell
Alan Mitchell Månad sedan
You can feel the love from these guys as they always look after people, feed them and show them the upmost respect
Goonzquadgtr Gtr
Goonzquadgtr Gtr Månad sedan
The show nice👍👌👨‍🔧🚙
jefffowlerr Månad sedan
You guys are going to get chunky eating all that good home cooked food from the bro 😋 👌
Nef Månad sedan
Are you sure David is not a long long distant brother ??? Looks just like a younger pops. Jajajaja
Robert Beattie
Robert Beattie Månad sedan
Yay looking forward Audi too 🙌 that Ford F-150 is beast and colour look awesome!
Can am FOR LIFE Månad sedan
What happened to your blow up paint booth ? Didnt work well or something?
Andrea Abbondante
Andrea Abbondante Månad sedan
Thomas is a big paraculo....
Jamie Hills
Jamie Hills Månad sedan
Love it lads I have been following you since you started up
LucasKV Månad sedan
That Audi engine rattles for way too long. I bet you guys are facing a timing chain + guides replacement, which is an Engine-Out ordeal. I have a similar A7 and I am facing the same.
Brian Proffitt
Brian Proffitt Månad sedan
The gmc stay looking good i tell ya what 👀🔥
Braddah Brother
Braddah Brother Månad sedan
Dudes your bodywork pops with panel replacement instead of dolly/hammer/bondo.. but would like to see "wet" coats of paint. Guess being conservative saves time if you don't have to go back and sand runs.
Brian Whitten
Brian Whitten Månad sedan
Another awesome video and awesome meeting Dennis seems like a really cool dude and your brother's cooking while off the hook
Michael Magill
Michael Magill Månad sedan
amazing news .......You have a key to the Audi and it starts and drives soooooo Lucky, and with the Raptor , the finish lline is in site well done guys , you make it ;ook easy and the Gentleman from tjhe West Coast got the Audi up and programmed and started , Perfect Day .....Congrats to you and your Dad and friends , did a great job !!
Serhat Bahar
Serhat Bahar Månad sedan
Too many cars to park JUST SELL SOME OF IT
andrew mwendachabe
andrew mwendachabe Månad sedan
what's wrong with paps eye?
julan risselada
julan risselada Månad sedan
There is a digitale oil stick i dont no for sure where it is but is was on a a6 from that year you have to go to car-service-oilstick
Rick Glancy
Rick Glancy Månad sedan
Where did the Doberman pup go?
B. Andresen
B. Andresen Månad sedan
Yeah he said it - get a Tesla, and give it an indside thats much better 😊
Matti Virta
Matti Virta Månad sedan
when boys buy tesla and swap tesla to douple/twin turbo v8 engine, then tesla have lot lot better car than now. or can boys, i not believe boys can only change parts but not can build anythink i has see.
Matti Virta
Matti Virta Månad sedan
only totally idiot waste money buy audi, europe worst car have today, only R8 has build handmade good. all other have only big shit say factory headengineering who has plan audi. and big super idiot waste time and money repair audi, not newer any normal men waste money and time big shit car.
Matti Virta
Matti Virta Månad sedan
idiot boys not newer understand ,truck have work tool and newer not need buff anythink idiot buff and waste time lto stupid.
Garip Satin
Garip Satin Månad sedan
Buck Cannon
Buck Cannon Månad sedan
Pops the “Superintendent” is the official food taster of Fat Finger Foods! 😂😂😂
Brandon Thompson
Brandon Thompson Månad sedan
Quick question, who do ya'll use for your merch?
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
Goonzquad handle the design, organising, marketing and distribution of their personalised apparel in house. Much of this work is done by Eleazar's wife.
D4rkiE D4
D4rkiE D4 Månad sedan
Whenever you guys start the Audi it got a really wierd tick to it that is not normal
N.L.M.B KEVO Månad sedan
Does anyone know what happened to the Doberman puppy? Haven’t seen him in the videos since they got him
Joe Rider
Joe Rider Månad sedan
Lol he kneeled down and looked at that dent in the driver passenger door like duh!!! It was a silly comment I made sorry bro’s 🤙🏼
N1C G3ORG3 Månad sedan
dennis deserves more subs
Pearce Pedro
Pearce Pedro Månad sedan
Please don’t ruin the Audi with a loud exhaust
Christopher Batjer
Christopher Batjer Månad sedan
Thanks to Goonzquad I have found a colour for my falcon a like
Liam Peck
Liam Peck Månad sedan
if you say wet sand one more time-
Chocolatepickl Månad sedan
How’s come they only wear suits when spraying the clear coat?
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
Because Clear Coat is far more toxic than the Sikkens colour paint which they are using. Clear-Coat contains toluene, which is poisonous and is able to penetrate porous fabrics and enter the human body by absorption through the skin. Ideally, full PPE should be worn for all paint spraying activities and failure to do so could lead to serious health problems which may then not be covered by personal medical insurance since the Underwriters may cite wilful negligence by the Claimant. A Defence of ignorance in such matters would be unlikely to succeed because health precautions are stated on all paint product labelling and (in the USA) additional safety information must be available at the Point Of Sale.
Michael Nichols
Michael Nichols Månad sedan
What happen to the portable paint booth ya'll bought?
Flabio Rivas 69
Flabio Rivas 69 Månad sedan
Badass 🇲🇽💯
Mo Hussain
Mo Hussain Månad sedan
Please no more houses😅
Dan Blackfield
Dan Blackfield Månad sedan
This Audi has timing chain rattle on a start up. Might be because it sat for the long time. Monitor it and if it’s not improving - look into upper timing chain tensioners replacement, or ditch the car. Source - audi 3.0t owner.
Dan Blackfield
Dan Blackfield Månad sedan
@John Stedman timing chain is a common problem with 3.0 supercharged engines (s4/a6/q5/sq5) regardless of regularity of use. It’s serviceable, however labor cost is over $2k so not a lot of people do those.
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
Yes. Even if not regularly used on the road, all vehicles should be started, fully warmed up and moved a few feet at least once a month to get the oil circulating, clear out condensation and rotate the brakes, bearings and tyres a few times. Failure to do so can accelerate the inevitable process of deterioration. Ideally, stored cars should be kept out of the weather in an environment which is controlled in terms of temperature and humidity.
Mattbw 2222
Mattbw 2222 Månad sedan
You guys are awesome I’m so glad I get to see y’all do a raptor I have always wanted one and it’s like your creating my dream truck. Thank you for all the amazing builds you guys do I can’t wait to see the next one.
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WWDC 2021 - June 7 | Apple
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