Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 3 

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This is starting to look like a sketchy one!! We are digging into our 1967 Chevrolet Camaro and we are noticing some pretty crazy things! First thing thats getting taken apart is the damaged areas which seem to be in a lot better condition than expected! The side that took the collision consist of only a few structural panels that we ordered for an amazing deal. The front end also is getting dismantled because we noticed that the engine thats currently in it looks like someone switched out and left us with a truck engine. Still doing more investigations but we got some bigger plans now! Thanks For Watching!!!

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6 jun 2021



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kozanliibo66 Timme sedan
Please swap the p100D motors in this car😂
Michal Materzok
Michal Materzok 3 timmar sedan
Swap 2JZ 😂
J Sol
J Sol 6 timmar sedan
Buttery biscuit camaro
Conyers YT
Conyers YT 9 timmar sedan
Do a LS 7
Colton Thompson
Colton Thompson 10 timmar sedan
Nothing wrong with the iron blocks
Vince MoBiLo
Vince MoBiLo 10 timmar sedan
he look so high !!!
Bill Vegas
Bill Vegas 15 timmar sedan
Put the batteries from the Tesla’s and make that Camaro electric hot rod!!
dawson1220 17 timmar sedan
Make it a badass daily. Y'all ain't got TIME for the other stuff
NoMercy Evo
NoMercy Evo 18 timmar sedan
Ditch the auto trans and go manual, I see this build being epic as hell !
Matthew Laun
Matthew Laun 18 timmar sedan
"Risk it for a biscuit", had to look that one one up on urban dictionary. Never heard that before but apparently it is pretty old Irish slang...thanks for the education!
Slammed Addiction
Slammed Addiction 18 timmar sedan
Don’t be sad that it’s a iron block they handle more power
Meanwhile at The shop
Meanwhile at The shop 19 timmar sedan
You guys should put the N/A hemi out of the parts cop car into the camaro
Steve’s dadddy
Steve’s dadddy 20 timmar sedan
Look up cleveland power and performance they sell runnin pallets with engine tranny and all electrical parts all turn key on a pallet! Easy to swap into your car!
Kenny Ray
Kenny Ray 23 timmar sedan
It sucks that it wasn't what you guys were expecting but I can't wait until you guys throw the Goonsquad touch on it, gonna be even better than you guys thought, you'll know what you have and that it was built right. Gonna definitely be a project but you guys never disappoint! Can't wait to see the first test drive and the progress along the way!
Priyansh Gupta
Priyansh Gupta Dag sedan
Hey Guys, you always can Install a lambo engine in a Camaro 😉 sitting in your backyard :)
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Dag sedan
Next car 1967 c10
9soccerplayr Dag sedan
Grand National next???
Topcrust Dag sedan
Hey , The eBay bucks help too.... lol
Rob Teer
Rob Teer Dag sedan
I think the car you have might be from a movie I just watched. Awake it’s on Netflix. Around 58 minutes from the end, wreaked under a bridge.
MindeWaker Dag sedan
Could get this one a Chevy bigblock 572 9.4L, it deserves it would go well with the classic vibe. Saw one a while ago it was pulling around 700whp naturaly aspirated it was so sick and sound insane.
Gavin Flood
Gavin Flood Dag sedan
A 5.3L LS can hold 1000hp stock internal do a twin turbo set up on it
Kevin Klees
Kevin Klees Dag sedan
I think she needs a viper engine or hellcat And a Nice bleu en white striping
Beau Granbois
Beau Granbois Dag sedan
RS front grille
Beau Granbois
Beau Granbois Dag sedan
Supercharged LSA with a T56, mini tub the rear Heidts Pro-g front subframe and irs.
Christopher bloodworth
Do you know what SS stand 4 super slow and I think that because I don't think it's going to be going super fast right now LOL
Jason Watkins
Jason Watkins Dag sedan
Convert it to electric.
Andrew oneal
Andrew oneal Dag sedan
Love yalls vids man stick a 6.0 ls in it man lt4 isn’t gonna have as much power as those ls
Bill Evans
Bill Evans 2 dagar sedan
I would be cool if Chip Foose showed up at their door and took them under his wing on this one.
Bill Evans
Bill Evans 2 dagar sedan
I am sure if this car is good enough to be called a parts car. Very few good parts on it.
Bill Evans
Bill Evans 2 dagar sedan
I love the boys bought a muscle car. That's America right there. Unfortunately I think this one will end up in the backyard and disappear like the Audi project, the first boat project and the vtuned Mustang. This one is trouble.
Joel Nieves
Joel Nieves 2 dagar sedan
You guys crack me up “risk it for the biscuits” 🤪 love it
Joel Nieves
Joel Nieves 2 dagar sedan
“Un-drill”?? 🤪 did I even spell that right?
R Tee
R Tee 2 dagar sedan
If you're going to replace the engine and all the running gear why don't you replace it with everything from the second Tesla you bought?
Tyler Hendley
Tyler Hendley 2 dagar sedan
6.6L duramax
JackofAll 2 dagar sedan
I believe you have an extra Lambo engine laying around...
Misael Castillo
Misael Castillo 2 dagar sedan
You guys should do all carbon fiber
Peyton Burkhalter
Peyton Burkhalter 2 dagar sedan
If y’all plan on putting an aluminum block in there message me on Instagram I’ll buy that iron block from y’all (I’ve already sent y’all a message on Instagram before) I live locally
Peter S
Peter S 2 dagar sedan
Are they going back down to Mexico to buy land?
jes 2 dagar sedan
Shawn Swnh
Shawn Swnh 2 dagar sedan
Iron block will handle more boost
david hammell
david hammell 2 dagar sedan
Vice Grip Garage enters the chat. That would be an awesome collab.
John Janes
John Janes 2 dagar sedan
Try to fit a 392 scatpack engine in it
Richard Passmore
Richard Passmore 2 dagar sedan
You'll put on a new videos yet
Ctefko O
Ctefko O 2 dagar sedan
Check out the parts farm on facebook for a motor or trans from a newer Camaro
Jimf 2 dagar sedan
i would definitely go for a real LS3 crate motor or similar. ebay the truck motor
K S 2 dagar sedan
🤤 I want to 6.0 swap my GMC canyon
K S 2 dagar sedan
The holly terminator will work well with your plans of street and track ideas the 5.3 is silverado ,Tahoe, suburban. Texas speed. Has nice parts motion race works. If I had this I would put the 6.0 with a nice cam. And oil pan with baffling. Maybe a turbo.
Top buzz
Top buzz 2 dagar sedan
Put a cummins in it👀
FLASH_02 2 dagar sedan
Lsx 427 carbureted bolt in ready to rip bad ass motor got one on an airboat
B Patel
B Patel 2 dagar sedan
Seeing this camero reminds me Fast and Furious movie series. Dominic Toretto working on his muscle car haha
H2O Gatorade
H2O Gatorade 2 dagar sedan
Want to sell that intake
Roger Thaine Sr.
Roger Thaine Sr. 2 dagar sedan
How about a fiberglass tilt front end. Super light. Make it a Drag Car!!
Louis lbh
Louis lbh 3 dagar sedan
swap 2jz in
xXWhitetiger94Xx 3 dagar sedan
Lsa or lsx are really good motors they can hold a supercharger or turbo with an aluminum block I know I work at Chevy dealership
brent frazier
brent frazier 3 dagar sedan
Do not buy cheap Chinese body panels off ebay. Go to YearOne, Goodmark, or classic industries
przemek irek
przemek irek 3 dagar sedan
Swap engine from cop car
hidguy1 3 dagar sedan
Go big turbo or twin turbo
sreehari sreekumar
sreehari sreekumar 3 dagar sedan
Swap it with lambo engine you guys have 😁
Sefa Alptekin
Sefa Alptekin 3 dagar sedan
Türkçe alt yazı lütfen
Simple88wrangler 3 dagar sedan
TEXAS SPEED is the way to go or get with Cleetus
J Nas 808
J Nas 808 3 dagar sedan
LS7 out of the ZO6
MKdefends 3 dagar sedan
Texas Speed all the way, Both Cletus McFarlan with Motion Raceworks and Emelia Hartford has LS engines from Texas Speed.
Brent Richards
Brent Richards 3 dagar sedan
It's weird, being a hot rodder, that they don't know what an MSD ignition is.
Morrie Wyatt
Morrie Wyatt 2 dagar sedan
And of course that the engine was fitted with individual coil packs, so the MSD ignition was superfluous.
Clark Stefani
Clark Stefani 3 dagar sedan
Guys. Chip Foose is a legend in Custom Wheels and can replace what you lost on one side. He had a show of his own designing custom cars. He can draw your dream car in color, with a blindfold on. Even bud drawings are art. He is cool as helll, and you should contact him for a crossover collaboration for the wheels you need for this build.
if66was99 2 dagar sedan
Foose ruins classic cars. JMHO...
Samuel Bird
Samuel Bird 3 dagar sedan
Drop that ls9 in boys
Samuel Bird
Samuel Bird 3 dagar sedan
You guys know what ur doin tho
Immanuel Gutierrez
Immanuel Gutierrez 3 dagar sedan
c0nstancy 3 dagar sedan
Hit up the original insurance company to make sure they also didn't get scammed if they insured it with mods. You might get some money returned for that.
HiLo Fast&Slow
HiLo Fast&Slow 3 dagar sedan
11:01 $2000 LS from a truck 😂😂 these guys are clowns. Best free entertainment on the internet these days. Love watching these guys and laughing AT them.
Bubba Doodah
Bubba Doodah 3 dagar sedan
Scammed! Too bad!
Rick Pender
Rick Pender 3 dagar sedan
Love you guys! Turn that lemon into Goonzquad Gold!
Dallas Allen
Dallas Allen 3 dagar sedan
67 Duramax Camaro anyone?
Robin Masters
Robin Masters 3 dagar sedan
Call texas speed and motion raceworks... #cleetus can suggest something awesome
Jonathan ilyayev
Jonathan ilyayev 3 dagar sedan
Put a 2JZ engine in there!!!
t rob
t rob 3 dagar sedan
check the serial number
t rob
t rob 3 dagar sedan
that looks like a amp for the stereo
Wade Lawrence
Wade Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
how about putting in the parts cop car engine in it?
Justin Murray
Justin Murray 3 dagar sedan
First time I've seen your channel, never heard a hillbilly call his hood a "bonnet" 😆
Gerardo Argumedo
Gerardo Argumedo 3 dagar sedan
Put the Tesla battery in there electric Camero
Trevor Does Everything
I quite enjoy their personalities and wholesomeness. So much better to watch
Michal Woyciechowski
Michal Woyciechowski 3 dagar sedan
Get LS from Texas Speed and holley terminator x 🙂
Ro Ro
Ro Ro 3 dagar sedan
i don't know. i think it was better to invest in some more chickens and ducks. 🦆 🐤
Brant Jerem Ayson
Brant Jerem Ayson 3 dagar sedan
Put a ZL1 Camaro engine
Kacem Becis
Kacem Becis 3 dagar sedan
Why i find this project such a stupid build you did since you got open this channel !!!
Cédric Racicot
Cédric Racicot 3 dagar sedan
Kinda happy about this whole situation to be honest, because after seeing the reaction they had to this scam, I know for a fact that they are going to build this thing from the ground up making for amazing content and an even more amazing car!❤❤
Alex Grijalva
Alex Grijalva 3 dagar sedan
Man lame news but if you get that engine rebuilt you can throw that into the spare S2K? For funsies
Matt Thomas
Matt Thomas 3 dagar sedan
You need to call Texas speed!! They will hook you up!!
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz 3 dagar sedan
Love the builds going on right now guys; Tesla's, Audi, and this Camaro SS.
Landon Neese
Landon Neese 3 dagar sedan
Texas speed 427 brotherrrrr
accobra 3 dagar sedan
LOL 😂 They didn't get scammed they're just idiots. Those LS3 emblems are just stick on and anyone can buy the SS gas cap.
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Dag sedan
I agree!! Just a bunch of stupid rich kids
progitty 3 dagar sedan
DetroitRebuildz 3 dagar sedan
No matter who you are. Copart and IAAI auto auction will scam you!
Aneek Omi
Aneek Omi 3 dagar sedan
This build is gonna be epic 💥 love the energy guys ♥️
eric mcclure
eric mcclure 3 dagar sedan
Electric mustang ????
Boosteds14 3 dagar sedan
Get a Texas speed engine
Mr B
Mr B 3 dagar sedan
All the 14yo Cleetus nutswingers in the comments need to get their heads out of their asses, Cleetus isn't going to collab with these guys.
Pro Rebwar
Pro Rebwar 3 dagar sedan
2jz swapped camaro 😳
Angel Velez
Angel Velez 3 dagar sedan
If you get a chance check out LEECPARTS they may have a Very Good Eng and transmission for that Camaro
Maurio Lindsey
Maurio Lindsey 3 dagar sedan
I want it
Gianni Robertson
Gianni Robertson 3 dagar sedan
496 blueprint engine😳
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