Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 15 

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Getting so close to the finished product!!!! We finally got the interior installed 100 percent and all thats left is putting the exterior together. This build has been an amazing so far but we are not done just yet. We have some pretty epic mods for it and they'll be installed before you know it. Cant wait to show you guys, Thanks For Watching!!!

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6 maj 2021



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JR Auto
JR Auto 5 dagar sedan
Keep up the good work guys. 😎👍
Charles Eballa
Charles Eballa 7 dagar sedan
Boosted Adrenaline
Boosted Adrenaline 8 dagar sedan
Damn you need to test an AUDI RS6 ESTATE!
Peter Reingold
Peter Reingold 9 dagar sedan
What is all that stuff flying around in the Audi?
James Beach
James Beach 15 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but I like the ZL1 more than the mustain
Tim Hafiychuk
Tim Hafiychuk 20 dagar sedan
Mustang or Camaro?
TheBumbulsz 21 dag sedan
i hoping, one day you will have some audi from RS family!!!
Nathan Hovanec
Nathan Hovanec 22 dagar sedan
I think it’s about time you guys invest in carbon building tools for all the carbon you like to add lol
Nathan Hovanec
Nathan Hovanec 22 dagar sedan
I think it’s a shame when you buy a car from someone that doesn’t know how to drive stick. Way too many memories of several cars with missing gears, blown clutches, or busted throw out bearings. Looking good guys!
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 22 dagar sedan
Danggggg this truck is sweet and that Audi moves to say the weight is a lot sweet purchase and the truck build has been great and the carbon just finished it off nicely
OlimpioRikGame 23 dagar sedan
please add a caption, I’m Brazilian I would like to understand what they say
AussieBattler46 23 dagar sedan
If you wanna earn respect import a LX SS Torana from Australia and put a big block in that been their done that with my dad you will fail. Challenge yourselves and your international viewers.
AussieBattler46 23 dagar sedan
You can’t say billy . That’s when you lost a subscription. Still don’t know the young enthusiast guys name . Must be a closely guarded secret, keep my name private but flood me with cash from views and merchandise
Z40 BOSS 25 dagar sedan
Most of the cars don’t even have license plates
tech guy
tech guy 25 dagar sedan
I own the exact same Audi A7 in India it’s a total beast I just love your videos I really want you to see u guys modify it so that I can get ideas for mine 😂😅😅😅😂😂😂 LOVE FROM INDIA BROTHER best job👍👍👍
Sheldon Nelson
Sheldon Nelson 25 dagar sedan
CAM SWAP on the ZL1!!!!
don earl
don earl 26 dagar sedan
789costela 26 dagar sedan
First time in a Audi ? How aboute The lambo ? It is a audi to...
Gamaliel Hernandez
Gamaliel Hernandez 27 dagar sedan
Simon stop lying...you know you dumped that clutch while granny shifting lmao!!!
Frank Schäfer
Frank Schäfer Månad sedan
I was wondering, what happened to the little puppy they bought a while ago?
Jack Dietrich
Jack Dietrich Månad sedan
You guys should get an Audi S6/S7 or RS7 to rebuild!
Jack Dietrich
Jack Dietrich Månad sedan
Awesome platforms for modding
Njurk Månad sedan
You guys should make a drift shirt like the s2000 and camaro
Dennis Muller
Dennis Muller Månad sedan
Cant wait for the audi videos
Whats Up Yoo
Whats Up Yoo Månad sedan
Danggggg look at that thing dudeeeeee
Sterling Stauffer
Sterling Stauffer Månad sedan
Billy and Simeon if I remember right the camero never had a previous owner, it was still brand new and fell off the delivery truck while it was being taken to a dealership.
Andrew Studholme
Andrew Studholme Månad sedan
Loving Thomas Cam!
Robb Smith
Robb Smith Månad sedan
“grab them hookers and slap them on” 😂😂😂😂😂
1KNERO. _ Månad sedan
Slapped them suckers right on🤟😎
Eduardo Trejo
Eduardo Trejo Månad sedan
What is the name of this song in minute 15:45
Bruce Henson
Bruce Henson Månad sedan
when are you building your mom a cool car?
Marco Buscema
Marco Buscema Månad sedan
How did you guys go for a ride without a plate? Could you make a video to explain how manage all that cars? In Italy it isn't possible with taxes and insurance.
Jägermeister L
Jägermeister L Månad sedan
More german cars 👌🏽👌🏽
Butterkeks 1
Butterkeks 1 Månad sedan
This video already won with the sumbnail. These are my favourite cars!!!!
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan Månad sedan
I thought they bought that Audi for their sister cause she was going to nursing school or something like that and she didn’t really have reliable transportation?! Does anyone know if that sounds right?!
Richard Walden
Richard Walden Månad sedan
Could he talk if we tied his hands down lol
Thar3al Lee
Thar3al Lee Månad sedan
Do they still have the viper ?
Eric Bierman
Eric Bierman Månad sedan
The jeep gladiator is an awesome parts getter. Glad to see the Camaro is fixed and driving again. That mustang looks so freaking mean just like the hellcat.
benazzi84 Månad sedan
i figured out the air compressor air gun for cleaning cars long time ago boys
Jose Garza
Jose Garza Månad sedan
That ZL1 is sexy as hell
Andrew Ferguson
Andrew Ferguson Månad sedan
Great Job!!! Thank You.... :-)
ToonNut1 ToonNut007
ToonNut1 ToonNut007 Månad sedan
No 4k video???????
YoFee! Månad sedan
Can't wait to see a Tesla, X5M and maybe a G wagon rebuild on the channel!
VisitMyShack Månad sedan
Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder Månad sedan
Maybe get some door sill protectors for it? They have them on American trucks website. They have them in blue and black color, also the logos they have say either f-150 or raptor.
Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder Månad sedan
Maybe get a chase/roll bar rack for the bed too. I think that the armordillo cr1 with the tire carrier would look great on it. I have it for my f-150 in the same color but it's not a raptor lol
Action Movies
Action Movies Månad sedan
I miss the old build where you still have no money and you restore everything or buy from scrap but now, just a small dent in the door and you replace it then just throw the old part....tsk tsk
Elver GaLarga
Elver GaLarga Månad sedan
Do an m5 next
Flabio Rivas 69
Flabio Rivas 69 Månad sedan
Badass 🇲🇽💯
Stay Humble
Stay Humble Månad sedan
Do y'all have bumper stickers available on the website?
a114464 Månad sedan
Is this a new camera this video looked super clear
Demop Garage
Demop Garage Månad sedan
run to the store with no number plates? dude we try that shit over here and its impound city (lol)
XxHUSKERHEADxX Månad sedan
Ukrainian brothers another amazing video! Love from Savannah GA.
Bruce Worthington
Bruce Worthington Månad sedan
Great Show Guys, new subscriber from NZ - keep up the good work
heghes teodor
heghes teodor Månad sedan
Huge shout out from Romania,you have the most amazing content on SElosk,keep up the good work.
heghes teodor
heghes teodor Månad sedan
The seatbelts get inflated thru that buckle,the gas canister is in the back seat
El Pibe
El Pibe Månad sedan
Lyndon Hamby
Lyndon Hamby Månad sedan
Good job guys 👍👍
49ics Månad sedan
Dam setbelts aint straight and middle one is behind the seat lol ocd
Blake Craft
Blake Craft Månad sedan
I want y’all to do a jet ski or another boat build!
Seth B
Seth B Månad sedan
That air and vacuum combo for cleaning the truck is a really good idea . I’m gonna try it out...
Michael Gentile
Michael Gentile Månad sedan
That blue looks so damn beautiful oml
dlby3 Månad sedan
Love your videos dude! You're very lucky to have sych an amazing family! I've been wanting a raptor since they came out and this just makes me want one more!
Matti Virta
Matti Virta Månad sedan
people who buy audi waste totally lot him money, only idiot buy audi, factory not has made anythink good ,all have alltime problems engine and elektric, not normal men car newer, only rich people who can stand car repair shop ewery week. and drive other car audi not work newer good. only one audi has made better than all others R8 have ok car but have too lto problen in technical.
REXUS 誒GAMING誒 Månad sedan
Guyz what is up with your new garage.
Matti Virta
Matti Virta Månad sedan
i just think, i not ewer buy truck if same money can buy many good better normal car, only big idiot buy truck if live city or near city. farmer need truck and painter,workers but not boys and normal men newer.
Aarya Bhardwaj
Aarya Bhardwaj Månad sedan
Did i just saw a helicopter in the garage ?!
Χάρης Παππάς
Hello goons!from Greece!
Thembinkosi Khumalo
Thembinkosi Khumalo Månad sedan
i love watching you guys eat, please dont stop that
Play Back
Play Back Månad sedan
I want those black stickers back on the front bumper. It will look sick and aggressive. Then it will be called a raptor.
Chinbhav Techs & vlogs
blue day
Chinbhav Techs & vlogs
according to goonzquad : every car is absolute beast
Dustincates76 Månad sedan
When are you guys going to finish the helicopters rebuild?
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
Work on the Robinson R22 would be a major and entirely unknown undertaking for Goonzquad, because all the work has to be supervised and approved by a Certified Helicopter Mechanic with an Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Qualification. Every component and every aspect of the installation process has to be rigorously documented, otherwise the aircraft will not be allowed to take to the air. If they wish to fly it themselves, Eleazar and/or Simeon will be required to obtain appropriate Licences, which involve a 'Ground School' that is a serious intellectual challenge, followed by practical training and Examinations. It is all far more complicated, time-consuming and expensive than fixing road vehicles.
ril850 Månad sedan
Good thing you guys didn't go with carbon fiber. I did and they just sent 2nd hood louver and it arrived damaged again. Back to the waiting game until it gets replaced again.
david hunt
david hunt Månad sedan
what do you do with the car's after you finish them
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
Most vehicles are to be retained for the Goonzquad Collection, which it is planned to store and display within a new building at their mountainside site shortly. Some cars and trucks may be sold, however.
Garcansdad Månad sedan
You just proved a point that Ford made about vehicle assembly. The hardest part of a car or truck to build is the door. Most people think it's the engine.
Michael Mackaman
Michael Mackaman Månad sedan
That ZR1 was supposed to have fallen off the trailer on the way to the dealer to be sold as a new car. I am fine if you want to call it a bad tranny, but there was no previous owner unless what you said the first time was wrong. what is the real story
Cohen Beane
Cohen Beane Månad sedan
Y’all should do a Tacoma and put a lift on it
johannes gunterman
johannes gunterman Månad sedan
Guys go for RS6
BLK HAXR Månad sedan
why yall stop using this song? Niya - A Finale
Chris Abbett
Chris Abbett Månad sedan
How come closed captioning haven’t been added to videos lately?
Jose Torres
Jose Torres Månad sedan
Blue Demon at the 🇲🇽 restaurant.
Mikhail Streeter
Mikhail Streeter Månad sedan
Y’all should do a BRZ....
Shaynon Alexander
Shaynon Alexander Månad sedan
Build your dogs a dog house
fishing with dad
fishing with dad Månad sedan
Can you do an update on your boat other cars
red rex
red rex Månad sedan
that twisted seatbelt in the back seat is making me sooooooo mad
Dan V
Dan V Månad sedan
Ahhhhaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh its toooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh i Cant Handle it..........ahhhhhhhhhhh Duuuuuuudeeee STOP................🎢😷
Dan V
Dan V Månad sedan
"""""""" reminds me of Bill and Ted"""""""""". This is it....... they have resurrected the spirit of Bill and Ted"""""" Really Dude??????? Ahhhhhhhhh thisss is just Yes Sir dudeeeeee
Dan V
Dan V Månad sedan
For 300 bucks make your truck lighter stronger Deffff worth it...... mannn you guys sure know how to make me laugh......
Dan V
Dan V Månad sedan
I will want to just count how many times the word dude is used in the video...... lets do a contest.......
Dan V
Dan V Månad sedan
You need to patent the DUDE """"""""""" duddddeeeeeeeeeeeerr
Dan V
Dan V Månad sedan
Yes Sir Dude!!!! Priceless dude!!
Jess P
Jess P Månad sedan
"Transsrrrrsssmisssssion" Herbert from family guy.
Cloud White
Cloud White Månad sedan
You forgot about the white semi ? i've seen on the last videos that semi is in bad condition, everyone didn't notice, i just noticed
Richard Liek
Richard Liek Månad sedan
A dual pulley setup, tune and downpipe/exhaust is all you need for that a7 😜
Enjoy the Journey
Enjoy the Journey Månad sedan
When are you guys going to go to the track again that’s the real question?
C Rapach
C Rapach Månad sedan
Where has the puppy been ?
John Stedman
John Stedman Månad sedan
That would be the Doberman Pinscher 'Chief', who is still owned by the family but is no longer a 'regular character' on the Channel. He was seen very briefly in the background of two episodes recently videoed on the mountainside site, at the time when the epoxy flooring was being laid. Maybe he will return when Eleazar and his wife complete their homebuilding in the 'HQ House', because that was the original idea.
Vinícius C M
Vinícius C M Månad sedan
In what video did they solve the lost key issue from the A7?
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Månad sedan
3oHe1 Månad sedan
that camaro is the real deal sucha beast
Ирина Гуськова
подарите футболку
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
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