Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 2 

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The moment we have all been waiting for!!! Whats underneath the hood? We finally opened up the bonnet where we reveal the power plant of this 1967 Camaro SS! This things is going to be an absolute beast when its all said and done. Also we noticed a few wild unexpected things underneath the car as well. Going to be a touch one here but I think with your help we can get it going! Thanks For Watching!!!

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3 jun 2021



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J Sol
J Sol 8 timmar sedan
Fuck im watching this stoned. Momma goonzquad got me hungry asl
Elisha Houser
Elisha Houser 12 timmar sedan
Those are traction bars for the axle having less movement
Michael Blackburn
I wonder if it was parked in his driveway or on the street and someone side swiped it
larry upton
larry upton Dag sedan
There's nothing stock in that car except the body which is trashed.
GCR rizoma
GCR rizoma Dag sedan
Great job always boys! Super endless love and support for your energetic efforts in everything. I would like to reccomend a name that you can find out and consider to contact if you think necessary for your Camaro build. His name is Steve and he is a really good knowledge in classic muscle cars. Maybe it could be a great idea to contact him for more to know. Here's his FB page below 👇 facebook.com/steve.mirabelli Best of luck boys and be kind to yourself! Love & support 💪👏👍 Farook
These guys live in mt neighborhood lol
irshad kamal
irshad kamal Dag sedan
where are your parents actually from?
Jhon doe
Jhon doe 2 dagar sedan
Past owner did a engine swap after the crash.
1980timsmith 2 dagar sedan
Yank that crap and buy a crate motor and trans.
Trey Clodfelter
Trey Clodfelter 2 dagar sedan
Shoot y’all got scammed harddddd he literally got a replacement car or truck and took everything off this one and put it in the new vehicle that’s a truck engine that’s not the original thay swapped it and basically stripped it I knew it was going to be like that when the inside the interior was lose and stuff missing and especially the gas pedal so at this point y’all can make ur own race car 😂🤘
Hunter Lucas
Hunter Lucas 2 dagar sedan
Looks like someone took out the built motor and put in a stock 5.3 motor 😂
CEO 2 dagar sedan
My type of video..
Sergey Novak
Sergey Novak 2 dagar sedan
12:18 - Кинь сокиру... кхе. - Що "кхе"? Зловив?
Landon Jones
Landon Jones 3 dagar sedan
Guarantee the car was pro or super charged. Which is why the serpentine is loose. Or the tensioner is bad
jeffslegacy 3 dagar sedan
Even if this is in fact a Lemon which it’s really looking like it. I am super excited to see you guys succeed in making this car bad ass again like I know you will! Stick with it boys!
markmtnfn6 3 dagar sedan
Hope you boys didn't get the shaft on this car! Looks like someone salvaged what they could then parked it. I have full faith you two can get it on the revive it!
Newnan Dawg
Newnan Dawg 3 dagar sedan
i need to be adopted.
Newnan Dawg
Newnan Dawg 3 dagar sedan
still a 67. id take it.
David Hipp
David Hipp 3 dagar sedan
When did 'dude' become a verbal period? Went from the 2019 Denali build to this...can't even get through it.
LV’s Honda
LV’s Honda 4 dagar sedan
I tried to watch this video but got annoyed
Dave Van Gemert
Dave Van Gemert 4 dagar sedan
I hope you guys read the comments. Reach out to "watch jr go" SElosk channel. He does the same stuff as y'all. He also just bought recently a black 67 Camaro ss and did an 5.3 ls swap and made it to last years LS Fest, which hss any vehicle on the planet welcome as long as you put an LS in it. It'll be good for you guys to get out of the house and broaden your horizons!!!
Agiotéx 4 dagar sedan
I think you guys should use “fuel tech” eletotronic injection, it can be the brain of the car and control everything, injection, sparcs, lights, temperature, etc.. Fuel tech is a Brazilian product and i’m Brazilian too 🇧🇷
John Doe
John Doe 4 dagar sedan
You got screwed dudes...
Russell Davis
Russell Davis 4 dagar sedan
please buy NEW upper control arms and do not use the one you used the hammer on!
Dale Stephens
Dale Stephens 5 dagar sedan
don't let the neg people get to you you just don't know what you have here like i said you have a Chip Foss Car I think I remember this car being built try to get with Chip and see what all he did to this car I think he will talk to you all and teach you some hot rod stuff the exust is a magnaflow that guy built alot of Chips exust good luck and be carefull dont't take those bars off the back they are for trac and you remove them the car will be out of control
Dale Stephens
Dale Stephens 5 dagar sedan
yo don't change those bars on the rear or it will be out of control it will spin out and you could get hurt
Dale Stephens
Dale Stephens 5 dagar sedan
the rear end bars they are called ladder bars and they are right the one looks bent i wish i could come help you build this thing I am from north carolina i would build you one bad ass motor and trans set up would probaly out run the lambo
Dale Stephens
Dale Stephens 5 dagar sedan
the trans i think i might be wrong 700r4
Dale Stephens
Dale Stephens 5 dagar sedan
if i remember right a built 700 r 4 shift kit the whole 9 yards Chip does not build half way he builds it all the way
Dale Stephens
Dale Stephens 5 dagar sedan
the fan is the trans cooler i see alot of work ahead of you all
Dale Stephens
Dale Stephens 5 dagar sedan
this is a chip foss car i am not sure i remember when he built it
bigbabysmc 5 dagar sedan
chopped up old motor, definitely not original engine...too many unknowns here...
chuck kolor
chuck kolor 5 dagar sedan
Hey guys, this is Kolor and I actually did the paint job on that car , installed the interior , and Parts, Kolor of Kolor me Kustom.
Kevin Macias
Kevin Macias 5 dagar sedan
Charger para cuando?
SeaDooEric 5 dagar sedan
Part 2…..and nothing has been done yet…….daaaaannnggg
Brian Lovell
Brian Lovell 5 dagar sedan
You are absolutely correct on the “driveshaft loop”. If the driveshaft breaks, it keeps it from coming through the floor. You need it installed for drag racing, as far as per safety requirements.
Jason Schrecengost
Jason Schrecengost 5 dagar sedan
Guys, reach out to Cleetus and his newly partnered motion raceworks! I’m sure he would be willing to guide you in the right direction to do a epic build!
Hussain Mirza
Hussain Mirza 5 dagar sedan
Definitely bad idea for vintage. Stick to new cars guys... M5 or c63 please
Uptown DC
Uptown DC 5 dagar sedan
Dude !!! Dude dude !! Lol
Rodney Armstrong
Rodney Armstrong 5 dagar sedan
Caltracks are the best for the rear of that car
Rodney Armstrong
Rodney Armstrong 5 dagar sedan
They took the old motor and trans and the cooler is for the transmission
MISSION PASSED 5 dagar sedan
What a Black Beauty!
Jose Soriano Montes
Jose Soriano Montes 5 dagar sedan
Very sad that you do not know chip Foose the designer of the wheels of this project, I recommend you to see some episodes of overhaulin, it is dedicated to cars mods.
Thomas Whiz Whisnant
Thomas Whiz Whisnant 5 dagar sedan
When two kids who think they know cars start working on a car that they can't order out of a catalog......
Jan-Hendrik Bussmann
Jan-Hendrik Bussmann 5 dagar sedan
The cars are all very nice and such, but the life you two have with your big family around, that is the really amazing thing on this channel.
Ken Balentine
Ken Balentine 5 dagar sedan
I kinda wish y’all would out the guy that swapped the engine but I know y’all won’t cause y’all are just stand up guys and probably aren’t even as mad about it as I am lol I know one thing y’all will have this camaro looking good and running good when your done with it
Ken Balentine
Ken Balentine 5 dagar sedan
Every time one of you guys says dude I get hyped up love your guys energy and love your channel
David Landeck
David Landeck 5 dagar sedan
Think l saw a small ding on the drinker's side...little Bondo might do it👍
Mr Man
Mr Man 6 dagar sedan
i bet they swapped out the motor and transmission. stuck in a scrapped unit
Nicholss Buczkowski
Nicholss Buczkowski 6 dagar sedan
Dude I love how yall finally started working on old classic cars, please do more
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez 6 dagar sedan
Replace oil pan with a c6 vette oil pan.
Khalil Carthan
Khalil Carthan 6 dagar sedan
I knew it was an iron block when I saw the oil pan.
James Schug
James Schug 6 dagar sedan
Shawn Richardson
Shawn Richardson 6 dagar sedan
The trans is a 700 R4 but they been doing some swapping. If that F.A.S.T. Fuel system was on the motor when the car was built then contact F.A.S.T. About an ECU. Grab a torque wrench and see if the engine will bar over. Pull the pan and see if there is metal in it. There is no Fluids cause they swapped every thing. If every thing is junk then Texas speed can build you 2’000 hp crate engine and you can mate it with a Lynco transmission shifted with paddle shifters lol 😂 Now that would be big fun 🤣
Part Time Hooker Pulling Team
For doing what you do for as long as u guys have either you really don’t know your stuff or your playing dumb but you don’t sound educated guys.
Sergio Vazquez
Sergio Vazquez 6 dagar sedan
RB26 swap
Bill Woolmer
Bill Woolmer 6 dagar sedan
Texas Speed Shop will set you guys up !!!! They are the masters of the LS engine
BILL 6 dagar sedan
pop's is funny
Chris B
Chris B 6 dagar sedan
this car is junked boys
BOOMER 24&7 6 dagar sedan
get bent maldavani! your ass got played on this one
Duce Zaak
Duce Zaak 6 dagar sedan
I hope ya give this to your pops
Matthew Myers
Matthew Myers 6 dagar sedan
Yeah those hime joints are bad on them track bars
Matthew Myers
Matthew Myers 6 dagar sedan
Those are driveshaft hoops to keep the driveshaft from falling out and by the flywheel it’s missing the dust shield you don’t have to have it
Jamie quinn
Jamie quinn 6 dagar sedan
Oh my these guys are no way car guys coming across as clueless Stevie wonder could see the car was gutted before auction
tonymayo1973 6 dagar sedan
Love seeing your parents in the videos.
Ethan Brockman
Ethan Brockman 6 dagar sedan
I can already see it coming in about a month the heli is going to get kicked out of the garage and they will forget about it
Larry Murray
Larry Murray 6 dagar sedan
You guys have to take it to the track when yall done ✔!!!?
Dslade 6 dagar sedan
Definitely took out all the good stuff and left what he had too!
Caleb Wooldridge
Caleb Wooldridge 6 dagar sedan
Texas speed 427 swap. Throw that motor and trans out
usher63124 6 dagar sedan
Yep...you got screwed.
cbrf3 6 dagar sedan
6 min in and I have a feeling the owner crashed it and threw a messed up motor in there so insurance would do a pay out
Richard Welty
Richard Welty 6 dagar sedan
burnamon 6 dagar sedan
I'm sorry to hear the news about the motor. What are rotten thing to do and illegal to boot. I hope with this video the person who did that gets karma. Well since the motor is now going to be scrap how about you call up the guys at Texas Speed and see what they have to recommend for a motor and maybe they would collab with you maybe a sponsorship maybe a nice juicy coupon of freeeeeeeeeee
Yxng Issi
Yxng Issi 6 dagar sedan
Sorry to say boys but this is the first time you got scammed 😭 the previous owner took the motor and dumped a worser motor in it rip
Marlon Green
Marlon Green 6 dagar sedan
burnamon 6 dagar sedan
Next building idea. Pop's Tractor. Fix it up, clean it up so you boys can sell it for him. Make Pops some extra cash. Not doing any good sitting behind the garage just getting dirty from the trees
burnamon 6 dagar sedan
If you can try to get a hold of Cletus McFarland See if he can give you boys a hand maybe would be good collab. He's right in Florida not too far away from you guys. He's installed several LS motors plus owns an engine shop race track who knows she made invite you to one of his next races to drive one of his crown vics.
Boosteds14 6 dagar sedan
Hopefully it is a ls3 and not a junk engine
Boosteds14 6 dagar sedan
That cooler is for the transmission and the lines you guys need are called -an lines
BB Records
BB Records 6 dagar sedan
Can’t Wait For This Build To Be Done !
Panos T.
Panos T. 6 dagar sedan
I wish your family a long, healthy and happy life...Every time your mom cooks for you, you should all gather around her and give her a big hug and a kiss. I miss mine every single day...
D.Lea864 6 dagar sedan
Just like most people have said, i think they took the good engine and trans out. tell tell signs are there's no trans fluid at all, drive shaft seems too long, the cut exhaust so they could pull it out easier, loose engine mounts, cut and loose connectors etc.
Tubbs_Above 6 dagar sedan
That belt is fucked
WaterZone GT
WaterZone GT 6 dagar sedan
It got towed from the front. That’s why He undid the drive shaft don’t worry. Tow truck drivers tow from the back BUT the front was messed up Yes you can get it running by taking a ecm from a junkyard BUT it needs to be tuned by hp tuners but your not limited to just hp tuners. The back half are subframe connectors for stronger Suspension so you don’t twist the UnIbody. The rearend is aftermarket that’s EXPENSIVE. The motor/trans are Perfect for that car don’t lose hope. 6.0/4l60e don’t worry about the transmission bolts undone People get a lil lazy putting transmission in. Get my comment to the top^^Plz haha this car is gonna be Awesome
WaterZone GT
WaterZone GT 6 dagar sedan
Ls3 should be a 6.0 Chevy. And I’ll bet it could have a 4l80E if it does that’s a great Trans Actually just saw the bell houseing it looks like a 4l60e
WaterZone GT
WaterZone GT 6 dagar sedan
If you have anyone telling you to go back old school and use The Sbc or bbc DONT you will regret it.
WaterZone GT
WaterZone GT 6 dagar sedan
The ecm you can get pretty easy actually, it’ll need to be tuned
wrxsubaru02 6 dagar sedan
I think you guys should just stay away from classic cars. This is way too cringy
swatson0061 6 dagar sedan
LOL. These guys obviously have an endless budget and lots of talent. I highly doubt they care if they got "took" or not. They'll probably replace the entire drivetrain anyway.
Chris 6 dagar sedan
I would get that problem as far away from me as possible good luck👍
Zebra Chop
Zebra Chop 6 dagar sedan
Can I have one of your kayaks
Roberta Christeen
Roberta Christeen 6 dagar sedan
thats not a factory o e m 67 Camaro thats a custom rebulid you got there i know i own a oem factory 67
D k
D k 6 dagar sedan
You Have Been Scammed Guyz
Game Play Central
Game Play Central 6 dagar sedan
I would insurance job person was street racing and had an LS7 for example and on the insurance it's a LS3 and swapped it out before the auditor saw
Ahmad Eafiuddin Ramli
Ahmad Eafiuddin Ramli 6 dagar sedan
So many part are loose. Is that from previous owner??.. if true, why some previous owner like this?? It's seem like throw other people shit ...
James Meehan
James Meehan 6 dagar sedan
Momma Goonz should make her own SElosk channel. Every time she would show up at the house y’all built I knew I was about to get hungry because everything she made for y’all got my stomach growling it looked so dang good.
rgbigdog 6 dagar sedan
On the rear end those are traction bars to reduce wheel hop, CalTracs is just the brand name. Keeps the rear spring from over flexing. That's called a driveshaft loop need one to drag race the car at the Drag Strip, it's there to catch the driveshaft so it won't drop on the ground if it breaks lose and flip the car. With there only being one leaf in them rear leaf springs this can was set up for the Drag Strip.
Okie HotRod Garage
Okie HotRod Garage 6 dagar sedan
That is a truck oil pan they make one for a fbody camaro/ transam that's shorter that plugs that is cut off is a low oil sensor, that transmission looks like a 4l60e if you guys have questions holler thats what we do is engine swaps in only cars/trucks.
scott riney
scott riney 6 dagar sedan
It's called insurance fraud somebody wrecked their car had it towed home took all the good parts off put stock Motor stock transmission back in it and let the insurance company pay them for a high performance engine
The Mad Vermonter
The Mad Vermonter 6 dagar sedan
My favorite cars best build so far
Gavin Gilmore
Gavin Gilmore 6 dagar sedan
It’s most likely the 4l60e transmission. You can go to any auto parts store and ask for a dipstick. There should be to holes right behind the bell housing of the transmission on the passenger side that’s for the transmission cooler. And the “lines” are AN fitting lines Earls makes them. Also recommended looking into a Holley dominator for the car they are expensive but worth it and it will make wiring everything so much easier.