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"Living life on the goon side"
kozanliibo66 Timme sedan
Please swap the p100D motors in this car😂
Me Me
Me Me Timme sedan
put your life jackets on when you put in the water 😀😀😀
Dawid Swin
Dawid Swin 2 timmar sedan
that's sad you were welding near your dog, the arc damages retina in the eye ;((((
Nice guy Tim
Nice guy Tim 2 timmar sedan
Keep up the great work
Claire Gardner
Claire Gardner 3 timmar sedan
Hi Guys Really like your new boat. Can't wait to see you Do A FULL THROTTLE CRASH STOP, YOU'LL LOVE IT!!! As it is a jet drive you can go from full throttle ahead to full throttle astern with no pause Really looking forward to seeing that. Make sure your bilge pump is working first.
Michal Materzok
Michal Materzok 3 timmar sedan
Swap 2JZ 😂
Jordan Parker
Jordan Parker 4 timmar sedan
PSA Autolite spark plugs are junk
HUZAIFAH PEERALLY 4 timmar sedan
What happen to the mustang 😭
A҉n҉g҉r҉y҉ ҉Y҉a҉n҉k҉ R҉C҉
I certainly hope you guys researched how to correctly repair a fiberglass boat hull... That patch in no way will hold.... It needs to be repaired both on the inside and outside of the bottom layer of hull by first removing the ski locker from the inside and machining and grinding down to the bottom... Then tracin back to the last of where the main damage area is and then grinding down the entire length of the hull and using "Marine Grade" and NOT automotive grade reinforcement strips of mat... Bare minimum of four in this case after seeing more closely where the damage is... In my professional opinion, I would use 6 strips and run them the full length of the hull to displace the force of the impacts from water and waves.... If you don't IT WILL blowout and leak badly and do more damage than originally occurred......
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 5 timmar sedan
repair boat after fiberglas has sandin paint gelcoat, and then buffing paint. same resin uses but adding to resin colour paste thats all, not good paint primer and top paint, not keep longtime, glassfiber need use same resin and colour adding to resin then have longlife good paint cover.
Theo Xydias
Theo Xydias 5 timmar sedan
where is this project ??
Derian Reyes
Derian Reyes 6 timmar sedan
About timeee!
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 6 timmar sedan
minimum layer in boat glassfiber have if boat have 4 meter long minimum layer glassfiber need 4 layer ,if boat have 8 metert long minimum layer have 8 layer this is hand rule to how many layer need add boar under. 30 feet sailboat glassfiber have more than 30 layer minimum tichnes have about 1 inch. but all factory made more lot.
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 6 timmar sedan
lot better repair boat have take off engine all liguid, oils,water etc. and then skip boat 90 degree and can easy repair underboat all. wery dangerous if hoist big bertha and go under boat. bertha hydraulic can broken some time if have bad lucky and men stay under boat accident.
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 6 timmar sedan
why not has painted big bertha yet. you say before you paint this beauty fine, this not have beauty fine now.
cheapasstech 7 timmar sedan
You can rename Gradall to GrabAll
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Buttery biscuit camaro
J Sol
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Fuck im watching this stoned. Momma goonzquad got me hungry asl
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I can drink to how many times they say “dude”
J Sol
J Sol 7 timmar sedan
Mighty Car Mods have experience in standalone ecus (haltech) and electronic gas pedals
Jonathan McMichael
Jonathan McMichael 8 timmar sedan
wtf yall working on a R22??
Jesse olvera
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Q & A
ril850 9 timmar sedan
I'm skipping these until the Tesla or Camaro come back.
986C 9 timmar sedan
Gay bois
scouse man
scouse man 9 timmar sedan
Get your selfs some magic erasers for the leather seats works amazing an doesn’t scuff or damage them , love your vids guys ! From Liverpool England
Conyers YT
Conyers YT 9 timmar sedan
Do a LS 7
Colton Thompson
Colton Thompson 10 timmar sedan
Nothing wrong with the iron blocks
Charlie Glines
Charlie Glines 10 timmar sedan
If your launching in freshwater, gel coat or spray paint will do. But in salt water you need gel coat and 3 coats of marine paint to prevent buildup of barnacles and scum that make a noticeable difference in the boats speed
Aamy Bains
Aamy Bains 10 timmar sedan
Great work 👍 dannggg son🤣
ChickenUnnget 10 timmar sedan
My gf mad that we haven’t got to see the complete finished product of the house with all the furniture inside, she wants one last video, if you could!
Vince MoBiLo
Vince MoBiLo 10 timmar sedan
he look so high !!!
Elisha Houser
Elisha Houser 11 timmar sedan
Those are traction bars for the axle having less movement
Stay Hatinn
Stay Hatinn 11 timmar sedan
Why don’t you add bigger aftermarket rims wide like some all chrome rims or black and chrome with a lip ? On the f450
Bradford Robinson
Bradford Robinson 12 timmar sedan
Sorry dudes, after watching this video, I realize you don't have an F'N clue what you are doing. If it was as easy as stuffing so fiberglass mat and resin into the hole the Insurance co would never have totaled the boat. This is a major hull repair with delamination of the fiberglass and needs to be feathered back insuring the delamination is eliminated and repaired properly as it is structural to the hull. It's clear you are not boaters as the previous boat you worked on is sitting uncovered and growing green shit. Wish you the best and hope you can swim as this project is going to end at the bottom of the lake.
dawcio21 14 timmar sedan
strange system with concrete, normally is one truck with pomp that fill up the foundation, and the rest just fill it up
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters 15 timmar sedan
Caulk wheels boat can slide forward.
nevno2005 15 timmar sedan
They turn the boat side way..
Bill Vegas
Bill Vegas 16 timmar sedan
Put the batteries from the Tesla’s and make that Camaro electric hot rod!!
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters 16 timmar sedan
Daaaaaaang Duuuuuuuuude
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Lmaoo chip foose has entered the chat
Phil 17 timmar sedan
damn those seats look like brand new!!
Brady and Austin
Brady and Austin 17 timmar sedan
I love you
Majid Amini
Majid Amini 17 timmar sedan
Is it still for sale?
4david8 17 timmar sedan
FIX THE LITTLE or you'll have a lot more problems with the fiberglass cracking
Brian Saben
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She’ll float.
dawson1220 18 timmar sedan
Make it a badass daily. Y'all ain't got TIME for the other stuff
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Just when I’m like 🙄…a boat again. I’m hooked. Lol…can’t wait to watch the next vid.
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And I love your video's
Nykolas Nunes
Nykolas Nunes 18 timmar sedan
Are you brothers or twins
NoMercy Evo
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Ditch the auto trans and go manual, I see this build being epic as hell !
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"Risk it for a biscuit", had to look that one one up on urban dictionary. Never heard that before but apparently it is pretty old Irish slang...thanks for the education!
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power steering lols
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Tim Thatcher
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Dewald Hanekom 18 timmar sedan
How many freeken days to we have still have to wait for the subtitles to be added??????
Slammed Addiction
Slammed Addiction 18 timmar sedan
Don’t be sad that it’s a iron block they handle more power
Meanwhile at The shop
Meanwhile at The shop 19 timmar sedan
You guys should put the N/A hemi out of the parts cop car into the camaro
Kenneth Goodrich
Kenneth Goodrich 19 timmar sedan
The floor is beautiful” instead of putting more epoxy on it get some industrial floor wax, wipe it on and buff it out with a automatic buffer and it will be silky smooth and super slippery and shiney!😉👍
Tony Stakis
Tony Stakis 20 timmar sedan
As a boat guy, I can tell you that you need to RESIN coat the whole bottom now!
Gangster 404
Gangster 404 20 timmar sedan
Below question - Why didn't they fill both holes at the same time? Because they half ass everything and the same reason they never fixed the big dent in the tailgate of the silver truck.
Steve’s dadddy
Steve’s dadddy 20 timmar sedan
Look up cleveland power and performance they sell runnin pallets with engine tranny and all electrical parts all turn key on a pallet! Easy to swap into your car!
Shit Head
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*very moist*
Terry Bloodsworth
Terry Bloodsworth 20 timmar sedan
Hello from Lucedale Ms. I really enjoy watching you guys learning and growing into pretty descent mechanics.
Aiden Humes
Aiden Humes 21 timme sedan
What’s going on with that 370z in the back👀
505zoom 21 timme sedan
STOP RUSHING THINGS. Seriously, "oh we'll fix that one later because it's not dripping water"? Fucking morons.
mrmadmike427 22 timmar sedan
Buy some SMD SUN FLASH for your fiberglass needs
Jaden Muskrat
Jaden Muskrat 22 timmar sedan
Don’t know a lot about boats but could you not just engine swap the boat?
Mohd Ridzuan
Mohd Ridzuan 23 timmar sedan
not everything is based on instinct and logic. there is a teacher out there somewhere. an a reason why they are called teacher. i stops watching this channel after the house build up.
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Man Pops is a BEAST!!! Y'all are awesome
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Take that shirt off Simon!
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I wonder if it was parked in his driveway or on the street and someone side swiped it
Dragan Zeta
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Kenny Ray
Kenny Ray 23 timmar sedan
It sucks that it wasn't what you guys were expecting but I can't wait until you guys throw the Goonsquad touch on it, gonna be even better than you guys thought, you'll know what you have and that it was built right. Gonna definitely be a project but you guys never disappoint! Can't wait to see the first test drive and the progress along the way!
Charles Eballa
Charles Eballa 23 timmar sedan
Comirla Rares-Ionut
Comirla Rares-Ionut 23 timmar sedan
fix everything thats damaged properly as you fixed the one bellow just to be sure everything its fine and will last
Verbruggen, Paul verbruggen
would it be an idea to use this product for the bottom of the boat line-x.co.uk/light-industrial/marine-coatings/ ??
Shawn Henderson
Shawn Henderson Dag sedan
Just asking do you pay you dad for all the help he gives you guys
Michael Tessaro
Michael Tessaro Dag sedan
Hey guys make your videos longer Love the new content
David Mccormick
David Mccormick Dag sedan
Definitely use a gel coat marine paint on your repairs! You don’t want to have to repair it again.
Priyansh Gupta
Priyansh Gupta Dag sedan
Hey Guys, you always can Install a lambo engine in a Camaro 😉 sitting in your backyard :)
Charles Eballa
Charles Eballa Dag sedan
Can't wait what's inside of Tesla x